A Beginner’s Guide to Baseball Betting

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Baseball isn’t as popular as it used to be. According to a recent survey, only about 11% of American adults said that their favorite sport to watch is baseball.

But don’t tell that to all the sports bettors out there! They still love “America’s Game” and can’t wait to bet on baseball every spring, summer, and fall.

Are you a sports bettor looking to add baseball betting to your arsenal? If so, you should give this form of sports betting a try. Although betting on baseball is different than betting on, say, football or basketball, it can still be a great time.

We’ve put together a list of baseball betting tips for you that should teach you how to bet on baseball. Check out our baseball betting advice below and make sure that you put it to good use when you start placing bets on baseball.

Learn About the Different Types of Baseball Bets You Can Place

Before you begin doing any baseball betting, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of baseball bets you can place. There are actually quite a few options that will be available to you.

Money line bets are the simplest baseball bets to make. When you make a money line bet, you’ll bet on one baseball team to beat another baseball team in a game. The odds for these bets will be based on the records of the teams taking part in games.

There are also lots of other types of baseball bets that you can place. They include:

  • Run line bets
  • Total bets
  • First five innings bets

Prop bets have also become very popular types of baseball bets in recent years. You can bet on things like how many hits, RBIs, home runs, etc. different players will have during games.

Do Your Homework on Baseball Teams Before Betting on Them

All sports have statistics that are associated with them. But baseball goes above and beyond when it comes to stats.

With this in mind, you should make it a point to do your homework on baseball games before betting on them. You should carefully consider things like:

  • Where games are being played
  • Who is participating in games
  • Which pitchers are scheduled to start games
  • How teams have fared against one another in the past
  • What the weather will be like during the games

You might be able to give yourself an edge when participating in baseball betting by doing all the necessary research. It’s important to do this when betting on all sports. But it’s especially important to do it when betting on baseball.

Turn to the Experts for Help With Your Baseball Betting Picks

If you don’t have time to research the heck out of every baseball game that you’re betting on, there are experts who can set you up with picks. They’ll do all the necessary research for you and provide you with picks that they believe will give you an edge.

Doc’s Sports is a great example of a sports betting expert site that can deliver winning picks to you. Sneak a peek at what they have to offer and use their sports betting advice accordingly.

Understand What Makes Betting on Baseball Unique

There are obviously upsets that take place in every single sport. But you’ll tend to see more upsets in the baseball world simply because of all the games that are played.

Major League Baseball teams play 162 games during the regular season each year. As a result, they’re always going to lose some games that you would think they would win.

You can use this to your advantage by taking more risks when it comes to picking upsets. You might be able to win some serious money by hitting upset picks on a regular basis.

Try Not to Bet On Too Many Baseball Games at Once

Since there are so many baseball games during the MLB regular season, it’s not uncommon at all for there to be more than a dozen games going on every single night. This might tempt to you take more than a dozen bets each night. Try not to do this!

If you’re betting on more than a dozen baseball games every night, you’re probably not doing as much research on them as you can. It’ll inevitably lead to you struggling to string together wins.

Your goal should be to hone in on the baseball games that are the most intriguing to you. This alone might call for you to do your fair share of research on the matchups that are happening on a particular day.

Come Up With a Bankroll for Betting on Baseball and Stick to It

Prior to placing a single baseball bet, you should come up with a bankroll for yourself. You should also decide how much of your bankroll you’re going to devote to each of the bets you place.

Ideally, each of your individual baseball bets should make up just a small percentage of your bankroll. You won’t have to worry about running out of money anytime soon when you take this general approach to baseball betting. 

Give Baseball Betting a Try Today to See How Fun It Can Be

As you’ve seen here, baseball betting isn’t like other forms of sports betting. The nuances of baseball betting are what make it so special and so much fun.

You should give baseball betting a try sometime soon to see why so many people enjoy wagering on the sport. It might make you rethink your whole stance on baseball as a whole, and it might make you fall in love with the game all over again.

Get more practical sports betting tips and tricks by browsing through more of our blog articles.

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