5 of the Most Expensive Ty Beanie Babies

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Did you know that the first-ever Ty beanie babies made their debut appearance at the World Toy Fair in New York City back in 1993?

Since then, these cute and colorful creatures have taken the world by storm. Just about every 90s kid had beanie babies lining their shelves, stuffed in the toy chest, and more. If you’ve managed to hold on to some of these collectible beanie babies, then you might be sitting on a fortune.

Are you wondering which types are worth big bucks? Keep reading to learn all about the 5 most expensive Ty beanie babies on the market today.

1. Princess the Bear

If you have Princess the Bear in your Ty beanie baby collection, then consider yourself lucky because it could get you half a million dollars. This rare beanie baby came out to honor Princess Diana who died in a tragic car accident and to raise funds for her memorial.

It has a royal purple color with a white rose stitched over the bear’s heart.

2. Patti the Platypus

When it comes to rare beanie babies, you can’t go wrong with Patti the Platypus because it was actually one of the first-ever bean babies to be released.

The magenta-colored version is the rarest and can fetch you a cool $10,000.

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3. McDonald’s International Bears

Once collecting beanie babies became a national phenomenon, McDonald’s hopped on the bandwagon and created teenie beanie babies for their happy meals.

While those beanie babies aren’t worth much, you could get almost a dozen grand if you have their limited set of 4 international bears still in the packaging. This includes bears with the theme of America, Britain, Ireland, and Canada.

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4. Bubbles

Bubbles is a fish beanie baby that became very popular upon its release. You can get over a hundred thousand dollars if you own one of the defective Bubbles that came out.

For instance, one has the wrong color of thread.

5. Brownie the Bear

Brownie the Bear is yet another design that came out as part of the original beanie babies gang.

If you’re lucky enough to have a few, you could get a couple of grand for each one. Are you not sure if you have the right one? The fur should be brown but the snout is on the tanner side.

Are You Ready to Collect the Most Expensive Ty Beanie Babies?

Now that you’ve learned all about the 5 most expensive Ty beanie babies on the market today, you can try your best to collect them all. If you have one of these beanie babies lying around your home already, then you can sell it for some crazy money.

Ty beanie babies are certainly not the only collectible to sell like hotcakes. If you want to learn about the latest trends relating to collectibles and so much more, it’s worth browsing our site. Since you can expect more content from us on a regular basis, be sure to visit often.

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