What Are the Different Types of Baseball Bats That Exist Today?

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About 2 million wooden baseball bats sold in America in 2020. However, the bat market isn’t just limited to wooden ones. Manufacturers also sell bats made of several different materials. 

Professional leagues only allow wooden ones. However, if you’re in an amateur league, you can have any kind of bat that you wish.

You must, however, choose the right one between several types of baseball bats. Only in this way can you step up your game. If you need to learn more about different bats, read on. 

Wood Bats

Wood was the first material manufacturers used to make bats. Most makers carve wood bats from a complete piece of wood. Different woods create bats with unique features.

For example, maple wood bats are dense and, thus, can hit balls far. Ash wood bats, on the other hand, are softer and, thus, more forgiving.

Many professional players consider maple bats the best baseball bats. As such, they’re often professional choices in major leagues. However, you may find that another wood better matches your playing style. 

Composite Wood Bats 

Composite wood bats do not come from a single carved piece of wood. Rather, manufacturers make these with sawdust or pieces of wood stuck together. Often, these will get put around a plastic ‘spine’. 

Major leagues do not allow these types of wood bats. However, an amateur player may want to put one on his or her baseball packing list. These bats have the features of wood bats but are more durable.  

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Metal Bats 

Aluminum is the most popular metal the sports industry uses for bats. Manufacturers will also sometimes mix it with another metal for added strength.

Some of a metal bat’s advantages include being lighter and more durable than wood ones. These qualities make them a perfect addition to an amateur player’s baseball essentials. He or she will get less frustrated while learning, as these bats produce great hits easily. 

Composite Bats 

Composite wood bats are not the same as composite wood bats. The former bat type has materials like graphite, plastic and/or titanium in its makeup. They are great for young children as they’re lighter than aluminum and wood bats. 

However, this upside comes with many downsides. Composite bats are usually more expensive than aluminum bats. They’re also a lot less durable and, thus, can’t hit very far.

Hybrid Bats 

Hybrid bats are like composite bats, but the combination isn’t over the whole bat. Rather, different materials comprise each piece of the bat. 

Typically, a hybrid bat will have an aluminum handle. Meanwhile, it will also have a graphite, plastic, and/or titanium barrel. This combination allows them to be more durable than composite, but still expensive. 

After Learning the Types of Baseball Bats, Learn More 

As a final tip, remember that learning about these bats is just the start. Try to hold, swing, and hit with multiple types of baseball bats to help you choose the best one. 

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