The Importance of Transcribers to Businesses

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A transcriber is a professional that converts audio and video content to text. Businesses in various sectors work with professional transcribers. This is because of the numerous benefits. Below are some benefits businesses enjoy from hiring transcribers;

Increased Accessibility

One of the top benefits of working with transcribers is that it helps businesses make their content more accessible. Converting documents from audio to text allows people with disabilities like hearing impairment to access the content. However, the content needs to be error-free to allow people with disabilities to access the same information as everyone else. This can only be achieved by working with a professional transcription service or translation service provider.

Content Variety

Transcribers also provide businesses with content variety. Multimedia content allows businesses to reach more people and appeal to different senses. For instance, video content provides a personalized visual appeal. On the other hand, audio content provides auditory appeal. Transcribers allow companies to repurpose their video and audio content into text. This appeals to people who need to read content to absorb knowledge. Additionally, businesses can easily share information on social media by converting content into text. Written text is easier to share on social media than audio because of its size.

Improved Online Visibility

Transcription services also help businesses gain more online visibility. Websites depend on search engine optimization for increased visibility. Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a set of practices like using specific keywords and phrases to enhance Google rankings. Google favors text or written content over audio and video. You can easily add tags, keywords, and phrases for higher rankings on Google search engine results with written content. The more online visibility a business has, the more visitors it gets to its website. This can easily translate into increased sales. With so much competition online, businesses can stand out by increasing their online visibility. Therefore, hiring a transcriber can add to a business’s SEO strategy. Transcribers can help you convert content from audio or video to text for search engine optimization.

References for Audio

Another benefit businesses enjoy working with transcribers is getting references for their audio content. Transcribing content from audio to text allows businesses to access their content more easily. For instance, instead of going back and listening to audios of meetings or hours of video of important content, businesses can get the information through transcripts. Going through or reading transcripts is relatively easier and faster than spending hours on video and audio content. Marketers, legal teams, and business researchers can easily find references for vital content.

Adding Links to Text

Transcription also allows businesses to add links to text. According to research, you can open up more web context for visitor exploration by including links to transcripts. For instance, if your latest content touches on a topic you have already covered, you can add links from the previous content instead of mentioning it again. This especially benefits businesses that use blogs to interact and reach out to clients or earn more online visibility.

Better Content Storage

Businesses need to archive and store content for various purposes, like legal compliance and education. Most businesses prefer storing text instead of written or audio content because of the lower space requirements. Documents stored in the text are easier to find than audio and video content. This is because you can search for the content using specific keywords or phrases. You can only search for content using their titles with audio and video content. This makes it hard to find specific information.

Businesses in critical industries like medicine and law enjoy this benefit because of the sectoral requirements. For instance, companies in the medical sector hire transcribers to convert critical patient data and medical records for insight and research. On the other hand, law businesses require transcribers to help transcribe legal reports and testimonials. Furthermore, businesses in the education and research sector need transcribers to help create transcripts of their documents for archives.

Enhanced Marketing Efforts

Transcribers also help businesses enhance their marketing efforts. For instance, businesses can use transcription and translation services to elevate and augment their marketing efforts. While audio and video content is great for marketing, they have numerous limitations. For example, audio content would not do the trick if you have illustrations, charts, or infographics you wish to add to the content. With written documents, businesses can add all this information effortlessly.

Transcribers also make great additions to a business’s marketing team because their services can help with content distribution over multiple channels. This is essential for effective marketing. Audio transcription allows businesses to distribute content on several channels without investing in expensive resources. Businesses can also use transcripts to explain video content or make them easier to digest for audiences.


Businesses can enjoy the benefits above by working with reliable companies that can transcribe audio to text accurately and faster. Working with a professional transcriber guarantees the benefits above and more.

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