Help Is on the Way: How to Find Resources for People With Disabilities

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One in four Americans has some sort of different ability. That could be a mental illness, a congenital disability, a physical difference, or a chronic illness.

With numbers that high, you’d think it would be easier to find resources for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, many traditionally-abled people don’t think about how to make these resources widely accessible.

However, there are community resources for people with disabilities out there, and we’re going to help you find them. Read below.

Kids with Disabilities in Schools

If you’re in college or go to a school where it’s no longer your parent’s job to establish your learning plan, jumping right into traditional classes without accommodations can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, you don’t have to. Most colleges have a resource center for differently-abled students. Your college RA or admissions rep should be able to put you in touch with the right people.

If the accommodations you’re requesting stem from a non-obvious ability difference, you’ll need a note from your doctor to show your diagnosis.

Once you have the paperwork done (they have people to help if needed), you can request similar accommodations to what you had in high school or brainstorm new ones.

Resources for People With Disabilities Through the Government

A lot of people don’t know how many services their local health department offers. Even the smallest health departments do everything from vaccinations and basic medical care to resource distribution.

For example, if you’re a differently-abled mother with a young child, you can sign up for WIC benefits at your health department. This gives you access to food stamps (depending on the circumstance) and free medical care for you and your child.

If you need mobility aides, your local health department can get those for you or find a government office that can. The people who work at county health departments are underpaid but work hard to serve their community.

Through Charities

There are multiple ways to find resources for people with disabilities that aren’t through charities. Non-profits that help differently-abled people are amazing, but their services are usually stretched thin from the number of needs they’re trying to fill.

Getting resources from multiple venues is your best bet at getting your needs filled.


You can get disability resources online and even through the app store! There are thousands of accessibility apps and extensions that make the internet more accessible to everyone.

For example, you can download software that reads web pages to you for vision-impaired people.

There are even apps that aim to Support disabled teens and adults in finding employment that will work with their needs. If you dream of living a life where you can economically support yourself, check it out.

Resouces are Out There

While it’s not fair that the burden of finding resources for people with disabilities falls to you, it’s how the world is right now. If you’re lucky enough to have a caretaker or a caring doctor, they may be able to help you locate community resources for people with disabilities.

If not, we hope this guide helped. For more helpful life advice for all people, follow our site.

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