3 Tips to Help the Garage Floor Coating Installation Process

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If you’re looking to have a garage surface that is durable and can withstand heavy loads, then having epoxy garage floor coating is the best option. Installing a garage floor coating isn’t too difficult, but not many people know how to do so with ease.

Going through the steps of laying down an epoxy coating for your garage floor is simple enough until you get to the middle of the process. To get the job done right, you need to know a bit more about applying a coating before you finalize everything. 

Interested in learning about the garage floor coating installation process? Read our three helpful tips to help facilitate your garage floor project. 

1. Prepare Before Applying Your Garage Floor Coating

A lot of the hassle of any garage flooring project can be avoided by adequately preparing beforehand. Taking a few extra steps early on will help make everything later a lot easier to deal with. In the case of laying down your garage floor coating, this means cleaning up thoroughly.

Clear everything off of your floor and remove any dirt or dust that might be present. You not only don’t want to paint around any objects in the area, but you also don’t want extra dirt or dust getting caught up in what you apply to the floor. Using a simple vacuum, leaf blower, or broom can accomplish this quickly, much like how it’s done in the Garage Force process.

Another thing to look out for is moisture in your concrete. This can be an indication of a lot of other issues that should be addressed beforehand. If you happen to discover moisture, it’ll make things a lot more difficult when you start laying down a coating on the floor.

2. Inspect the Garage Before Profiling

Once you’ve cleaned up the floor, it’s a good idea to inspect the area once again before you begin the process of profiling the concrete. You’ll want to check to see if the garage walls or the floor need to be repaired.

This is important to do before anything else, otherwise, you won’t have a seamless look when you start your garage flooring installation. A key thing to also keep in mind is to not use latex crack repair products, as they are terrible over time and lead to other big problems later. 

3. Applying Epoxy Right

Epoxy garage floor coating is the best garage floor coating option because of how strong it can be when handling a lot of weight. When applying epoxy, avoid doing so during the wintertime or when the temperature drops low.

Epoxy requires a warm temperature to cure in a reasonable amount of time, which will take longer when it’s cold. It also helps to be strategic when applying epoxy to the floor to avoid needing to reapply areas over and over again. 

Best Tips for Helping the Process

By reading our tips for applying your garage floor coating, you’ll be set to put down a solid floor coating for your garage. The process of garage flooring doesn’t need to be a hassle when you have good insight into how easy it can be. Visit our website to read through more helpful articles on technology and lifestyle!

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