3 Health Benefits of Pilates That Might Surprise You

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Close to 11 million people today are loving the benefits that Pilates brings. It’s a workout program that features stretching, holding poses, and focusing on your balance. This exercise is low-impact and can help to change your life in so many ways. 

What are some benefits of pilates? Why should you make this a regular practice in your life? Keep reading to find out!

1. You’ll Build an Incredibly Strong Core

The benefits of Pilates start with your core. This workout involves holding several difficult poses that stretch and flex these muscle groups.

A strong core is crucial for your health and total body strength and is about a lot more than just having six-pack abs. The core connects the muscles, joints, and tendons of your back, hips, and pelvis, and supports your spine.

Building up your core makes your entire body more durable, and can keep you feeling youthful and athletic.

2. It’s Great for Your Brain

There are plenty of mental and cognitive benefits of Pilates. Pilates helps to increase your blood flow everywhere, including to your brain. This workout produces better cognitive health and helps you fortify your hippocampus and other areas of the brain. 

When you do Pilates a few times per week, you will also get better sleep. When you sleep better, your brain is restored and you’ll wake up each day sharp and with your neurons firing. 

3. Pilates Provides Pain Relief

If you’re in pain, you will quickly start to recognize the benefits of pilates workout regimens. The increased blood flow and flexibility will reduce inflammation in your body. 

It will also help to make your joints healthy, along with easing any tension in your muscles. These workouts promote positive brain endorphins that also act as painkillers. 

Anyone that is living with different levels of chronic pain will appreciate being able to use Pilates as nature’s medicine, rather than taking pills. 

4. Pilates Helps to Relieve Stress

The health benefits of Pilates go so much further than physical. Pilates is the epitome of an anti-stress workout. After sweating it out in Pilates, you will be more relaxed and will hold less tension in your body. 

This is helpful for people that live with anxiety on a regular basis. 

Look into Pilates instructor training if you’d like to eventually impart these benefits to other people. Once you recognize just how helpful this workout is for your mental and physical health, you’ll want to teach people all about it. 

Explore the Benefits of Pilates

These tips will help you to learn all about the benefits of Pilates. If you start a Pilates workout now, you’ll eventually get to see a transformation in the way your body looks, your athletic performance, and the way that you feel each day. 

Start checking out some gyms or instructors in your area that can introduce you to the beautiful art of Pilates. 

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