5 cool Beagleboard projects you should try in 2022

by whatsmind

According to research, 59% of Americans picked up a new hobby during the pandemic. If you’d like to become one of the many Americans that like to indulge in extra-curricular activities after the usual 9-5, you might wish to take up programming. Beagleboard projects is the concerning topic. If you’re a budding hobby programmer, here are our top 5 Beagleboard projects that you can do in your spare time. 

1. Home automation systems 

In the United States, it’s thought that 37% of households own a smart home device – yet there’s no reason there can’t be one more! 

Using your voice to control things in your home is one of the best things about home automation. Whether that’s turning on your heating without having to move from the sofa or turning on your lights without touching a light switch, there’s no denying that home automation systems are cool! 

If you’d like to dabble in voice automation, the good news is that using some cloud-based technologies and a mini computer such as a Beagleboard, you too can have a smart home. 

2. Build a Connect 4 Robot

Everyone knows a chess robot. But have you ever heard of a Connect 4 Robot?

A Connect 4 Robot works in a similar way to a chess robot, except you can play Connect 4 (obviously!). With this special type of robot, you play Connect 4 on a physical board as if you had a human opponent. The only twist is that you’ll be playing a robot. 

Sounds pretty nifty, right?

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3. A PS1 simulator to play all of your favorite retro games

If you ever played on a PS1 as a child, you may miss playing the retro games that came with it. If so, you’re in for a treat! 

Using a Beagleboard, you can create an emulator which works like the original PS1 console, so playing old school Crash Bandicoot is no longer a thing of the past! 

4. A voice-controlled toy car

Even adults can have hours of endless fun with a voice-controlled toy car! If the idea of a remote-controlled car is so 2020, then up the ante with a voice-controlled vehicle. By using a Beagleboard, you can create a car that listens to your commands. Although it may be tricky, the pay-off is massive with this project. 

5. Update your old sports equipment 

According to data by the CDC, 42.5% of adults over the age of 20 are obese in the US. Therefore, one excellent way to put your programming to good use is by updating your old sports equipment. 

If your treadmill has limited dashboard functions, with a Beagleboard you can upgrade your old equipment and customize it for your needs. Whether that’s creating custom workouts, tracking weight loss or otherwise, getting fit has never been easier!

Which one will you try next? 

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