4 Resin Crafts That Look More Expensive Than They Are!

by whatsmind

When you search “resin crafts” on Etsy, you get almost 500,000 results, with more added every day. That’s a lot of people making resin DIY crafts to compete with! 

To stick out in this market, you need to make unique resin crafts that catch people’s eye. How do you do that without going broke from supplies? Read below. 

1. Handmade Mold Crafts 

One of the best ways to save money on resin crafts is to find cheap base materials. Instead of buying expensive silicone molds, learn how to make your own.

All you’ll need is the item you want to mold, some tape (get epoxy tape here), and silicone that you get at a hardware store.

First, read the directions on the silicone caulk tube to understand the basic molding principles. Then, watch a few YouTube or TikTok videos about best practices for making your own molds. Then, when you feel ready, start taping off where your mold will be. 

Lay the first layer of silicone down, then place the item you’re molding on top. Decide if you need a top layer or not. Then close off the sides with plastic sheeting and leave it to dry. 

When you pull it apart, you’ll have the perfect way to make unique resin crafts with a mold no one else has! 

2. Car Coasters 

Go to your local TJ Max or Marshalls and find the auto accessory section. Look for “car coasters,” which are essentially inserts to make your car’s cup holders look cleaner and more stylish. 

Note the shape and style, or buy a set to make your own mold (like above). Once you have an idea and a mold, you can start making these for yourself. They don’t use much resin, and the process is much like traditional coasters. 

Focus on some of the more “proud” car brands first, like Jeep, Subaru, and Tesla, to establish a customer base. 

3. DVD Tray 

Do you have old CDs or DVDs lying around the house? Use them for this clever craft! First, buy a cheap tray base from Marshalls or the Dollar Store. Then, break up a bunch of the CD/DVDs to make mosaic-like “tiles.” 

Arrange them on the tray with some double stick tape, then pour a layer of resin over. 

You can advertise these as decor or even smoking accessory trays. If you know, you know. 

4. Renter-Friendly Knobs and Drawer Pulls 

Resin crafts are popular with younger populations, who are more likely to be renting. These renters are always looking for good ways to make their space feel personalized without losing their security deposit. 

Buying resin drawer pulls, and cabinet handles is a good way to do this since they can change them back before they move. 

Luckily for you, this resin craft idea doesn’t use much product, and the molds are cheap since the knobs are so small. It’s a perfect resin DIY craft to start building your confidence with. 

Resin Crafts You Can Make Big Profits Off Of 

When you started using resin, you were likely shocked at how quickly you used your raw materials. Resin doesn’t go as far as it looks like it does when you first mix it. 

The key to profitable resin craft ideas, like resin jewelry making, is to find crafts that use little product with big results. 

Will you try these resin crafts? For more great hobby ideas, follow our site! 

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