Summer recipes that would shape men’s health well enough

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The health of men is one of the most talked-about topics in the entire medical community. Be it any year or month somehow topics related to men’s health always come up. If the COVID-19 virus hadn’t been a pandemic then a pandemic especially for men must have been commenced looking at the current spike of disorders. As Summer recipes that would shape men’s health is the main topic.

But does this mean that women are cent percent healthy and immune to all health issues? No, this never means that women are immortal, it just means that women have been successful in preventing that cure. They are more health-conscious and get strict even when a slight malfunction occurs.  

For example, the biggest consumers of green tea are women, and the greatest number of patients with heart disorders, depression, and obesity are men. This is enough to explain the degrading situation of men’s health and hence, they become habituated to the consumption of pills like Fildena 100 from Powpills. But those conscious about health are always on their toes to remain alert about the changes in the environment. With time and the environment, the way you make yourself stronger changes. For example, in winter cold wind blows that can cause cough, cold, and choke you, hence, you wear woolen clothes to keep yourself warm.  

Similarly, in the rainy season there is no cold wind or snow but rainfall hence, you wear raincoats or use an umbrella. Similarly, in summer also the challenges are different and hence, their solutions. In summers the biggest problems men face are dehydration and loss of energy. The intense heat in the surrounding leads to an increased amount of sweating to keep the body cool. Thus, we feel thirstier during summers than in any other season. But why only water, here are some of the best summer recipes that would shape men’s health.  

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One of the most demanded drinks in summer is lemonade. Common men who cannot afford branded energy drinks find solace in street-side lemonade. And trust me, this is more refreshing that those packed bottles of multinational brands. If you are at home then it is a recipe that can be made in less than 5 minutes at home with minimal ingredients. All you need is a glass of normal or cold water, a few tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of table salt or pink salt, and lemon juice. Mix it well so that sugar gets dissolved in the water properly and have it.  

Many working men carry a bottle of normal water and a bottle of lemonade made at home while stepping outside the home for any work during summers. Lemonade is a quick energy provider, being rich in carbs and sugar it fulfills the demand for sugar of the day. And the lemon juice containing Vitamin C also protects the person from bacteria and virus attacks by strengthening the immune system.  


One of the coolest drinks one can have in summer is sattu. It is consumed mostly in northern parts of India such as UP, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh. Usually, sattu is made up of grams being ground into powder. Sometimes various grains like wheat or bajra. This increases the richness of sattu and becomes more beneficial in relieving men from constipation and gut issues. Another advantage of eating sattu is that it keeps the gut cool and does not put much stress on the stomach and such digestive organs.  

Sattu being a powder of grains gives you the feeling of fullness after having a glass of sattu. Several people do not drink sattu rather make it into a dough and have it with pickles and raw onion. During summer we all want food that does not makes us hungry frequently and is easily digestible as well.  Hence, sattu proved to be a winner from the two mentioned parameters.  

Watermelon Salad 

Oh my God!!! Just the name is enough to draw the people from slumbers during summers and not stress the digestive system as well. One should eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Watermelon comes out in summers hence, vans selling fruits stock the watermelon to serve customers. Usually, people like watermelon raw with a pinch of table salt and that’s enough to beat the customer.  

In summers one must not fill the stomach to the brim but eat a light meal all three times the day. If possible, one may not have dinner or eat 4 to 5 hours before going to bed. So, that the food gets ample time to get digested. With watermelon salad, there is no such need because watermelon is digested within a few minutes or hours. Almost 90% of the watermelon is water so instead of hydrating yourself with plain water, you can have watermelon salad.  


If one tries the above-given foods in summers you would not require Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 20 to beat the heat. Summers pose different challenges and we must find natural solutions not just depending on air conditioners.  

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