Steps involved for an effective Website Redesign Procedure

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Redesigning a website can take a few weeks to several months, depending on the kind of transformation you are looking for. Hence, it is important to be aware of all the steps involved and prepare for them accordingly. It will help you stay close to your deadline and within your drafted budget.

Evaluate your present performance metrics

A primary audit will give you guidance to places that need re-work. Instead of working on guesswork, you should design a sitemap of your present website and assess the analytics page by page. Evaluate the content on every page and user journey to get a deep understanding. It will help you understand the UX part, like re-drafting the content, wire-framing, and simplifying your form or checkout proceeding.

Discover the prospective pain points that your website needs help with. Some analytics to focus on are the average time on a website, new leads, total traffic received bounce rates, best-performing keywords, etc.

Find out your website redesign objectives

Once you have all the above data, you can know your website priorities and focus on them. Your goals should include:

  • Reducing the bounce rates
  • Enhancing your website performance
  • Converting visitors to clients
  • Keeping your brand fresh
  • Enhancing the navigation for a better user experience
  • Upgrading the SEO
  • Enhance your branding

Your brand is what people imagine you to be when they hear your business name or witness your logo. So, you need to keep it fresh every time.

If you want to refresh your brand, it should reflect on your website too. Sharing your branding ideas with your website design company is essential to ensure the newly designed website aligns with your brand thinking. It should be visible in your logo, text, color palette, web page design, content layout, etc.

Assess the competition

Check your competitor’s websites and see how they are performing. It is important to compare the competition on Google. Once you know how your competitors are doing, you can work above this standard and enhance your work.

Pick the right CMS system

Selecting an appropriate CMS depends on your business. You should get it from a professional website design company regardless of the CMS you select. The backend of your web page functions as a car engine. Hence, you don’t want an untrained eye to do it.

Post-development work

Once the design and development are done, most businesses are excited to launch the website. But, you shouldn’t hurry! The last step is testing the newly designed website. Before you make it go live on Google for your audience, you should ensure there are no bugs or broken links, and the website works seamlessly.

Clearly, a website design is never really complete. You need to re-work it as it is a consistently evolving piece that needs to grow with your business. You should aim for the most conversions using marketing and SEO strategies now that you have designed your website.

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