RNG in Online Casinos

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There are many reasons why most gamblers opt to gamble on online platforms. But, the main reason why they prefer online casinos is that their games are fair.

Most online casino websites use Random Number Generator technology (RNG) to determine the outcome of their games.

An RNG system produces results or outcomes of online casino games randomly.

Below is a comprehensive guide on everything there is to know about Random Number Generator technology in online casinos.

What Exactly is RNG, and How Does It Work?

As mentioned before, RNG is a system used in online casino websites to generate or produce unbiased results from a particular game. It is common in casino games like slots, online roulette, and table games such as online blackjack and poker.

Typically, there are two Random Number Generator systems; the True Random Number Generator system (TRNG) and Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG.)

Most online casino platforms use the Pseudo-Random Number Generator.

The main advantage of this system is that, unlike its counterpart, it doesn’t rely on external output to generate a random outcome. Instead, it utilizes a short string of numbers called a seed number and an algorithm to create a longer series of numbers, otherwise known as the outcome.

Here’s an example of how it works. So, for example, a PRNG begins with a seed number of 234. Then, the algorithm multiplies this number by itself, that is 234×234, which is 54,756.

The algorithm then proceeds to multiply the middle digits in 54,756 by itself, that is 475×475, which is 225,625.

Then, the algorithm multiplies the middle digits of the results by itself, which is 562×562, which is 315,844. The system will continue with this pattern until the end result is the original seed number, which is 234, and then the cycle starts all over.

The period the system takes to arrive at the initial seed number is determined by how long the seed number is in the first place. For instance, a 2-digit seed number will take 100 results or numbers to reach the seed number as the end result.

Benefits of RNG in Online Casinos

The main advantage of this technology to casino players is that it makes casino online games fair. Gamblers and even the online casino platform itself won’t know who the winner of a particular game will be, making the whole experience more exciting.

RNG-based games are also quite convenient. In most cases, players can pause their outcomes or results whenever they want to.

There are also many RNG-online casino games, giving gamblers a wide range of choices. This is because they are easier and cheaper to develop. Some of these games have “Demo Mode”, allowing bettors to try them out before officially playing them at no extra charge.

This technology is not only advantageous to players but also to online casino platforms. For starters, RNG-based casino online games are cheaper than those in land-based casinos.

In most cases, these games require dealers to oversee gamblers playing them. This means that physical casinos have to hire a couple to supervise their games.

Another advantage of this system to online casino platforms is that it prevents gamblers from mastering its cycle when regularly updated, enabling them to win easily.

Can Random Number Generator Systems in Online Casinos Be Rigged?

To some extent, yes, they can be rigged. However, this depends on many factors, like the type of RNG technology a particular online casino uses.

A True Random Number Generator technology relies on an external factor with an element or signal such as noise to produce an outcome. So, an individual may master the signal’s pattern and use it to their advantage.

On the other hand, a Pseudo-Random Number Generator system uses a seed number and an algorithm to generate an outcome. So, a player may attempt to guess the seed number. However, the chance of rigging this type of RNG technology is quite low.

Online casinos try to prevent this by having a third-party gambling regulatory body check their RNG’s reliability and credibility. These agencies test the systems to check if there are any signs of rigging by the online casino platform or the players.

Tips on How to Win RNG-Based Casino Online Games

Despite RNG-based casino games’ results being determined randomly, gamblers still need to have a few tricks up their sleeves to ensure that luck is on their side.

Below are a couple of tips on how to win these games.

Take Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses

Fortunately, almost all online gambling sites offer bonuses and rewards to attract customers and keep the existing ones.

Gamblers can use them to try out various RNG-based games to familiarize themselves with how they work. Doing so will enable them to play better the next time they invest their money in a particular game.

Research an Online Casino Platform First

RNG technology works a little bit differently in various online casinos. So, gamblers need to research a particular website before joining to ensure that they won’t be exploited.

One good way to do so is to check their customers’ reviews. Gamblers can also check the platform’s payout schedule, that is, how long before it allows players to cash out their profits.

Choose a Game With a Low House Edge Percentage

A casino game’s house edge percentage is the estimated profit a casino expects to make each time a player loses a game.

Playing casino games with a low house edge percentage will allow players to place bets severally without the fear of losing a lot of money.


Random Number Generator technology has completely revolutionized the online gambling industry, making casino games fair for all gamblers.

But, casino players need to understand how this system works. Doing so will help them make more informed decisions about their gambling activities.

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