5 Web Development Trends To Keep Your Eye On In 2022

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The lack of a professional website is a cardinal sin for most businesses. Businesses lose a lot if they don’t have a digital presence. So, there is a demand for web designers, and we see that the web development industry is booming. Since it is harder to convert customers today than ever before, businesses invest a lot in their web design to attract their customers. Brands have increasing pressure to stay relevant to the times and update their businesses accordingly. Here are a few web development trends every business with a website should be aware of. 

360-Degree Videos 

Everyone has smartphones equipped with powerful cameras today. So, it is not surprising to see video content dominating the internet. Since there are thousands of videos online, a specific form of video content gains popularity. We are talking about 360-degree videos that give you a heightened visual experience to customers. Companies see the value of 360-degree videos in highlighting their unique products. These videos can capture each side of the product in striking detail and a high resolution. So, they work with a website development company delhi to integrate 360 videos into their web design. 

People are skeptical about trying new products. Often the customer will be disappointed when the product fails to deliver what it promised. So, a brand works with a web development company to enhance the transparency of products with 360-degree videos. Customers can take a closer look at products and make good decisions. These videos increase customer engagement rates and influence conversion rates positively. 

Dark Mode 

Dark mode web designs appeal to the modern generation who stare at phone screens late into the night. Since the elements in the site are cast against a black background, the colors and visuals become more prominent. You can work with the best digital marketing company in your area to choose attractive visuals and colors. Dark mode will accentuate the appeal and bring more customers. Even when you use your phone in the sunshine, the site looks modern and attractive.  

Apart from aesthetics, we can also speak about its benefits to the customer. Dark mode can save power, so customers don’t have to charge their phones often. It also extends screen life spans, eliminating the need for replacing smartphones often. The content in the website is visible and accessible to everyone, so dark mode scores higher in terms of accessibility. Finally, it reduces eye strain and allows people to read the content on the site for a long time. So, dark mode is a web development trend that will continue to grow popular in the coming decades. To create a dark mode for your site, work with the best digital marketing company in your area. 

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Motion UI 

User engagement is essential for sales conversions and search rankings. Brands work hard to increase their engagement rates because they know it affects conversion rates. If the customer has more opportunities to interact with the website, he will understand what the site is all about. If there is little room for engagement, customers get bored and leave the site.  

By using a motion design, brands can get customers to interact with their website. Motion designs use moving animations to attract the audience. The moving elements are not there only for aesthetic reasons. They also help in enhancing the functionality of the site. Some areas to use motion designs include page header transitions, charts, pop-ups, and pull-down menus. Motion design increases dwell time and reduce bounce rates. So, motion design is one trend you should not overlook in 2022. 

Serverless Architecture 

The pandemic forced many businesses to shut down their physical operations. Businesses having separate servers were at a loss. They had to pay for server infrastructure and electricity bills, even when their future was uncertain. They could save a lot of money if they choose server hosting providers. So, many cloud-based SaaS solutions came in to fill this need.  

By using cloud-based serverless software, businesses don’t have to run and maintain their servers. They don’t have the hassle of frequently updating their servers and fixing issues.  

Serverless architecture saves businesses a lot of money on infrastructure costs. All they need is to purchase cloud-based subscription services. These solutions are easy to set up, and you can speed up web development. Since serverless architecture cut expenses by a huge fraction, businesses can scale up their marketing efforts. 

Cyber Security 

Cyber security is another web development trend that is here to stay because of the rise of hackers. We have professional hacking groups today whose entire purpose is to damage the reputation of companies. Likewise, the government also hires ethical hackers to hack databases with customer information. If businesses don’t guarantee data protection to customers, they could lose their business. It takes only a couple of data breaches to damage a company’s integrity and reputation.  

Hackers have professional tools that search the internet for vulnerabilities. They capitalize on them, causing financial ruin to companies. For this reason, more businesses will request advanced cybersecurity systems from their web developers in 2022 and beyond. 


Understanding the times and adapting your brand to them is what you need to stay in the race. There are no fixed rules that can guarantee you success all the time. So, you should experiment with your web design and see what works for your brand. When you experiment with different designs, even your design could become trending on the web. 

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