A Parent’s Guide to Horse Riding for Kids

by whatsmind

Did you know that around 15 million people are predicted to ride a horse at least once in the next year?

Are you going to be one of these people, or will your child be one of them?

Riding horses has been around for centuries, and it’s not predicted to go away any time soon. Because of that, you should learn more about horse riding for kids! 

It’s a great pastime and your kids may love it! Here are a few things to know.

Start Slow

It’s no secret that horses are pretty big animals. And because of that, some children can be easily scared of them.

By starting horse riding lessons for kids slowly, they will learn to not be afraid of the horse. They may even fall in love with them and never want to be away from them!

If your child is young, many lessons start out on a smaller horse so they have better control. And as they grow and get more comfortable, they are able to move to a larger horse.

Choose a Reputable Riding School

When it comes time to start your kids with riding lessons, choosing a school that is reputable is important for the safety of your child and the horse.

To make sure of the credibility and reputation of the place, make sure to look up reviews online. It may even be beneficial to visit the riding school before bringing your child. This way, you can look at the facility, potentially get a tour, and meet the horses to get a feel for their personalities.

Dress Them Appropriately

Just like other sports, there is proper gear to dress your children in when they go horseback riding or take lessons.

You want to make sure they are protected from the sun while also protecting their legs and ankles from the horse’s hair. That’s why pants, long sleeves, and boots are important pieces of horse riding clothes for kids.

See here for horse riding gear for kids.

Know the Benefits of Horse Riding for Kids

Not only will your child have fun riding a horse, but there are other benefits! many horse riders have strong character, with strong values like compassion, responsibility, patience, empathy, and courage.

Since there is more to horse riding than just the act of riding (like brushing, bathing, and cleaning), they are learning a lot of skills while at the equestrian center.

Get Started 

After reading this article, you may want to jump at the opportunity to bring your kids horse riding! With the benefits of horse riding for kids and the joy it can bring to them, you should get started right away!

Just remember to start them slowly and visit the place before you head on over with your children! 

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