The Latest Car Detailing Tips That You Should Start Using Right Away

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Did you know that professional car detailing costs about $160 on average? Doing it yourself can be a much more cost-effective option! 

Choosing to take the initiative to detail your own vehicle shows that you take pride in your car ownership and want to make your car look as good as possible. This is beneficial for you as the owner, but it also shows other people that you really care about your vehicle.

Are you planning to DIY your car detailing, but you don’t know how to give it that extra “something” that the pros can offer?

Keep reading for some tips to make sure that your car detailing looks professional! 

Rinse Before You Wash

If you start off your detail with soapy water right away, you’re going to have a mess on your hands. 

The surface will be covered with dirt and dust from the road, which that soapy water is going to grind into the paint finish. It may not be obvious right away, but this can actually damage the car.

Purchasing a car, like those available on Bidlane, and then ruining it with something like this is a huge mistake in vehicle ownership! Instead, always use regular water first to rinse off the car and get as much of the grime off as you can before you go in with the soap.

Use the Best Soap Possible

A lot of people think that dishwashing liquid is the best option for soaps no matter what types of cars you’re working on. However, the pros know that dishwashing detergent is actually harsh on a car’s finish.

This soap is designed to get grease and grime off of dishes, so it is a fairly drying type of soap to use, and it will suck all of the oils that your car’s finish needs. The life of your paint will get shorter as well because it’s more dried out.

Choose a car wash soap specifically designed for vehicles instead.

Brush the Air Vents

As such a small part of the dashboard, air vents are an easy thing to miss when you’re doing a DIY car detailing. However, even your favorite cars need this area cleaned regularly to ensure that dust isn’t being thrown around the car, ruining all of the hard work you just accomplished by cleaning it out!

You can easily do this with an artist’s paintbrush. Dip it lightly in furniture polish, and brush this into the crevices of the air vents to collect all of the dust. Wipe this off with a rag and repeat for all vents in the vehicle. 

Fix Leather Tears

You don’t have to pay much to get a leather or vinyl repair kit, so it’s a good idea to do this as soon as you notice the tear rather than waiting for your car detailing session. 

This isn’t a perfect fix, but it will at least prevent the tear from getting bigger and worse over time.

If you choose to wait for when it’s time to detail the car, make sure to give it plenty of time to dry and seal before you work on the surrounding leather. 

Start Car Detailing Like the Pros

If you’re planning on getting into car detailing, you have to know the basics first, but these tips will help make sure that your work looks its best. 

Continue doing research into different ways that you can make your vehicle look its best to become even better!

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