What Equipment Do You Need for a Hybrid Classroom?

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Millions of students in the US are still experiencing hybrid learning right now in a “post-COVID” world. And, if you’re a teacher, you may be trying to figure out how you’re going to make this work. 

What sort of classroom equipment do you need for a hybrid classroom? Since your students aren’t actually going to be there all the time, classroom hybrid learning can be a complex topic for teachers that aren’t familiar with the setup.

Don’t worry, however, as we are here to help you figure out what your hybrid classroom setup should look like and how you can plan ahead for a great experience.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know! 

Cameras and Audio

Your setup needs to ensure that students can see and hear what’s happening as if they were in the classroom. You will want to think about camera angles so that every student is able to look at what you’re referencing during a lesson.

You might also want to consider including multiple videos feeds so that students at home can see students in the classroom, lesson materials, and the teacher all at once. 

Central mics are fine if you’re in a smaller room, but for larger rooms, it’s better to have students connect their own devices to audio for a clearer sound. 

Student Devices

Because hybrid learning is based partially online, students clearly need to be able to easily access their classes and work digitally. As a result, students have to have electronics both at home and at school to use for their schoolwork. 

In colleges and universities across the country, students generally bring their own devices, so this isn’t as big of an issue.

For students in K-12 programs, however, schools generally have more regulations around what devices are allowed or not allowed. So, the school may need to work with teachers to make sure that students have access to these necessary devices.

Not all students have a personal laptop or tablet at home for personal use, so this is important to keep in mind.

Visualization and Participation Tech

For students at home to see things clearly in the classroom, you may want to invest in visualization tech. This would include things like document cameras or smartboards. You can share paperwork, images, and videos with your class easily using this technology so that you don’t have to physically provide anything to them.

You may want to look into classroom whiteboards that you can showcase different materials on easily. This will be a helpful tool that you can reuse over and over to avoid wasting supplies, and you’ll still be able to teach the content in your lesson plan as you normally would. 

Active learning technology can also be a great way to bring students together through their devices. This will make collaboration and sharing content easier. If your students work in groups, this is a great way to promote interaction and participation. 

Create the Ideal Hybrid Classroom

Setting up your hybrid classroom isn’t as hard as you may think, but it does require a little bit of creative thinking. As long as students in the classroom and students at home can see and participate, your classroom should be suitable for hybrid learning.

If you want to get feedback on how well it’s working, it may be worth asking your students what their experience is like to get a good feel for it!

Check out the rest of our blog to get more creative teaching ideas and tips to help promote learning in your classroom. 

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