5 Incredible Benefits of Pursuing a Career in Healthcare Management

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When you think of the healthcare industry, you likely picture doctors, nurses, and therapists. But have you ever stopped to think about everything that happens behind the scenes?

Just like other industries, healthcare facilities need experienced managers to ensure things run smoothly. In fact, there are over 400,000 medical and health services managers throughout the US.

Could this all-important job be the right one for you? Consider five compelling reasons to pursue a career in healthcare management.

1. Enormous Demand

The average growth rate of jobs across all industries is 7.7%. Contrast that with the demand for healthcare managers, which is expected to grow 32% by 2030.

The numbers speak for themselves: We’re in desperate need of qualified professionals to keep hospitals and medical centers up and running.

2. Terrific Salary & Benefits

The same source cited above reveals that the median pay for a healthcare manager is $104,280 per year. 

In addition to a high salary, healthcare managers also enjoy great benefits related to their field. Medical, dental, and vision insurance options are among the best in the country.

Many companies also offer additional perks like stock options, retirement packages, life insurance, and sign-on bonuses. You can also expect to enjoy paid vacation days as well as paid sick days and personal days.

3. Workplace Variety

The opportunities for those with a healthcare management degree are virtually endless. You can work in a traditional setting such as a hospital, clinic, or nursing home. There are also opportunities to work for universities, public health centers, or pharmaceutical companies.

Healthcare managers also wear a lot of different hats in their day-to-day activities. They may have the title of clinical director, nursing home facilitator, or public health educator. Other common job titles include health coordinator or healthcare director.

4. Educational Requirements

For all of these great benefits, the barrier to entry in the world of healthcare management is surprisingly low. Many complete a healthcare management program and obtain a bachelor’s degree, which is all that’s required for many positions.

Of course, some go on to complete their master’s degree, which opens the door for new opportunities and higher salaries. Some companies may also require you to complete an internship or get some hands-on experience before moving into management.

5. High Job Satisfaction

Healthcare managers report high levels of job satisfaction, which is closely related to life satisfaction.

Although they work hard, they get so much in return. Healthcare workers know they’re making a real difference in people’s lives. They help not only individuals but their entire community.

If you’re looking for a job with high emotional rewards and a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day, you should definitely add healthcare management to your list of career options.

Enter the Exciting World of Healthcare Management

So, what do you think? Is a healthcare management career the right choice for you?

Keep the information presented above in mind as you research different career options. No doubt you’ll agree that pursuing a healthcare management degree is a solid investment in your future.

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