Why It’s Important to Test Cannabis

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The medical marijuana industry continues to grow at a breakneck pace, surpassing the $22 billion mark in 2020. While cannabis is becoming more accepted, it’s important to understand the importance of testing.

But why is it so crucial to test cannabis? What does a cannabis test entail?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about why companies test cannabis and why doing so remains important.

Why Is It Important to Test Cannabis?

People don’t realize just how long it takes for cannabis to get to consumer shelves. The journey from seed to product has plenty of evaluations and tests along the way to make sure there’s nothing harmful to the consumer.

Before cannabis is even harvested, manufacturers have to contend with pesticides and other contaminants that could affect the product. The moisture present in cannabis tissues can also grow unwanted microbes.

If you want to know more about water activity levels in cannabis and how that affects the plants themselves, check out that link.

There are plenty of compounds in cannabis outside of THC and CBD. As such, consumer safety comes first, especially considering many people’s predisposed opinions toward cannabis.

Quality Control and Information

Manufacturers also want to ensure their cannabis products are at the top of the line. This means testing to make sure their products are not only potent but effective at getting the intended result is paramount.

Consumers trust safe products, of course, but they also want to get the bang for their buck. Testing acts as a kind of quality control for those in the cannabis industry.

It also provides researchers an opportunity to get useful insight into cannabis itself. By conducting tests, we learn more about different strains to inform the public about the safety and effectiveness of cannabis.

State Regulations

There are, of course, plenty of state regulations placed on cannabis farmers and product manufacturers to make sure they’re putting safe products on store shelves. These regulations often vary from state to state.

Some states require products to go through testing from state-accredited labs. Different laws might look at the potency of a product, its moisture content, foreign materials, or the presence of toxins during evaluations.

As such, complying with cannabis testing requirements allows products to actually be distributed in specific states. This is also done to make sure consumers are getting only the safest and most effective products.

How Is Testing Done?

A popular cannabis testing procedure is through chromatography. This involves dissolving a sample over an absorbent medium to help define the concentration levels of certain plants.

Mass spectrometry is also widely used when testing cannabis. This measures the mass of a sample’s molecular compounds with an electromagnetic field. It helps scientists see the microbe levels of cannabis samples.

Understanding Why Cannabis Is Tested

There are plenty of reasons why companies test cannabis products, but the main concern is safety and quality control. Use this guide to help you understand how and why cannabis testing is done.

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