Mailmark or Standard Franking Machine: What’s the Difference?

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The good old postage stamp has been around for a long time and requires no introduction. In recent times, however, its usage is getting fast replaced with the automatic franking machine. Due to the numerous advantages that franking machines give over traditional postage stamps, an increasing number of businesses are moving to them for their day-to-day use.

Franking machines, often known as ‘Postage Meters,’ weigh and measure letters and parcels before issuing the correct postage payment depending on Royal Mail rates. In recent years, the Royal Mail has increased the discounts offered to franking machine users. This is due to the fact that the cost of processing franked mail has decreased considerably when compared to stamped mail.

The Mailmark was introduced by Royal Mail in 2014 as a further advancement to this brilliant invention. In fact, the option to transmit franked mail using older ‘Standard’ franking machines is being phased out. Royal Mail will only accept franked mail from clients who use a Mailmark Franking machine starting January 1, 2023.

What is a Mailmark Franking Machine?

Mailmark is a new form of barcoding technology introduced by Royal Mail that indicates that your mail has been paid for and qualifies for delivery. The general term for this qualification procedure is franking, and it entails applying any form of stamp or mark to a piece of mail. For large or tiny letters, Mailmark allows for faster machine-readable sorting.

Rather than the old-style Standard franking, the Royal Mail and Post Office now employ Mailmark, which strives to improve many of their products and services. Mailmark is a sort of franking that has several benefits.

How are Mailmark and Standard Franking Machines different from each other?

Many individuals are confused about the practical differences between Mailmark and non-Mailmark franking. The good news is that Mailmark is just another sort of franking, so all you need is a Mailmark-enabled franking machine to get started.

The adoption of a new type of 2D barcode, which gives machines scanning them all types of information instantaneously, is the fundamental difference between Mailmark and the earlier franking technique.

Why do Mailmark Franking Machines stand out?

Mailmark has received a £60 million investment from Royal Mail, with intentions to incorporate the technology into future products and services. Mailmark was created with bigger mail volumes in mind, although it may be used by any company. This is due to the vast list of benefits that Mailmark franking machines provide over their regular counterparts. Some of them have been listed below:

Clearer tracking

Mailmark-enabled franking machines apply or read the Mailmark barcode instantaneously, allowing you to gather all relevant data in one spot. On its web dashboard, Royal Mail provides wholesalers with a wealth of data and statistics.

Faster delivery

Machine-readable frank marks, such as Mailmark, make sorting, collecting, and distributing mail more efficient. For accurate delivery estimations, you also receive the benefit of parcel tracking and the expected delivery day.

Lower prices

Mailmark franking charges are lower for businesses, making it the most cost-effective option to ship letters and parcels in the UK. The ability to see and analyze the complete Royal Mail network reduces the likelihood of anything going wrong.

Additionally, the pre-pay reply tool is great for businesses like solicitors since it allows you to utilize pre-paid franks to have clients return documents to you at no additional expense.

The use of Royal Mail’s cutting-edge technologies will make the process of handling and sending mail considerably easier, cheaper, and more efficient. It’s also a scalable technology, as future barcodes can carry more or different data as standards develop and grow.

Mailmark franking machines also have faster, more dependable LAN connectivity, which saves time and money. These machines will immediately log postage price changes, and online data and analytics will be available directly through Royal Mail’s internal analytics network.

Mailmark franks, on the other hand, appear more professional, replacing traditional franks – the classic circular ‘town and crown’ insignia – with a modern alternative.

Should You Replace Your Standard Franking Machine with Mailmark Soon?

Almost every business can benefit from Mailmark because each piece of mail can save you money. Any firm that uses low sort, unsorted, or meter choices for letters and large letters, as well as businesses that use Business Mail Advanced and Response Services, falls into this category.

However, while the old franking process is still in use, there is no immediate need to upgrade or replace your franking machine with a Mailmark machine.

It is true that the Royal Mail is encouraging more businesses to become Mailmark compliant so that both the Royal Mail and the businesses can profit from all of the above and more. Besides, in the franking world, Mailmark will always remain the best value for money postage fare. You can, however, take your time switching over, considering your existing requirements.

The productivity, convenience, and cost benefits of a brand new, Mailmark-enabled machine are also elements to consider while making this decision. In the next years, upgrading to Mailmark will be required. Decide for the time being while keeping these considerations in mind.

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