How to Keep Fleet Fuel Costs as Low as Possible

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Gasoline prices are higher than ever, reaching $6 a gallon in some parts of the U.S. As a business owner, you need to keep fleet fuel costs as low as possible. 

How can you keep prices low while managing a fleet of vehicles? Here are a few tips you can use now and throughout the year, even if gas prices continue to rise. 

Keep Tires Inflated

Keeping those tires properly inflated can improve the gas mileage on your vehicles, saving you money on fleet costs by not having to fill up as often. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your gas mileage lowers by 0.4% for each 1-psi drop in pressure

While you may have heard the popular myth that overinflating tires improves your gas mileage, it’s not recommended. Overinflated tires affect the ride of the vehicle and even wear out the tires. 

Use Apps to Find the Cheapest Gas

Another way to reduce fleet fuel costs is to find the cheapest gas station in an area. Certain apps do the hard work for you, such as AAA or GasBuddy. These apps look for the cheapest gas prices within your area, telling you which stations are a little cheaper. 

Gas prices can vary by station by as much as 15 cents per gallon in some cases. It pays to check, especially if a short drive down the block can save you a few cents per gallon. 

Have Fuel Delivered 

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to reduce fleet fuel costs is to have fuel delivered. Drivers won’t have to waste time finding a gas station and filling up, saving you time, money, and fuel costs. 

Instafuel’s Fleet Fueling service can save you a 5% reduction in fuel consumption. 

Fill Up on the Cheapest Day

Did you know that gas is cheaper on certain days of the week? A great way to lower fleet fueling costs is to fill up at the beginning of the week. Monday is the best day to fill up, as gas prices tend to be cheaper across the country. 

Friday is also one of the best-priced days to fuel up. 

Stop Engine Idling

Although it depends on the type of vehicle, idling can waste half a gallon of fuel per hour. That adds up, especially when gas prices are so high. 

Teach your drivers to turn the engine off while waiting for deliveries or if they’re stuck in traffic. 

Monitor Driving Patterns

Driver behavior is the biggest factor behind fuel efficiency, and good driver behavior can help you save. Teach your drivers good habits, and use fleet monitoring software to optimize techniques and avoid gas-guzzling behavior like speeding. 

This will ensure your fleet vehicles require fueling up less often, saving you more money. 

Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

If you’re in charge of fleet management, use these tips to cut down on fleet fuel costs. You’ll see savings right away, and you won’t have to worry about the cost of gas eating into your profits. 

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