3 Types of Martial Arts to Compare and Contrast

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3.6 million people practice martial arts worldwide and the number only continues to grow as time continues. The thing is there are several types of martial arts for people to choose from before they can begin practicing. 

Are you looking to learn martial arts? If so, it’s important you understand the different types of martial art classes out there for you to participate in. 

Get ready to try out your best taekwondo move after checking out what we have to say about the different types below. 

1. Taekwondo 

Taekwondo is probably the most popular of all the forms of martial arts out there. It’s the fighting style that was born in Korea. 

The focus of the firm of martial arts is learning the range of different kicks your instructor will teach you. As you continue to learn the correct way to perform these kicks you can begin to incorporate jumps and spins as well. 

Taekwondo is also known as a striking or stand-up martial arts because you’ll also learn different defensive methods. You will work to stay on your feet while advancing towards your opponent and defend yourself at the same time. 

2. MMA 

MMA is a hybrid of multiple martial arts styles that incorporate a variety of fighting strategies that can be used to subdue your opponent. In MMA you might learn about stand-up fighting as a means of setting your opponent up to be taken down to the ground. 

Once you get them on the ground, you’ll use the grappling skills you’ve learned to pin them into submission. Submissions are a significant skill that is taught to those learning MMA.  

3. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

One of the best martial artists of all times studied Jiu-Jitsu and had a great understanding of it before Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu emerged. Bruce Lee had a clear understanding of how everything worked together and how to use it to his advantage. 

He understood that it was both essential and necessary to become a well-rounded fighter. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focused on grappling opponents into submission. It teaches people that have a strong ground game to take down people. 

It also teaches people what they should do to defend themselves if they have been taken down by their opponents. Regardless of the style of martial arts, you’re learning you need to immerse yourself in every aspect of the process. 

Each form of martial arts has something different to teach you and they all function for distinct reasons.  

Different Types of Martial Arts 

There are several types of martial arts out there for people to choose from. It depends on what you want to study. 

Do you wish to learn the art of taking people down? Or do you find that you’re a pro at grappling? 

There’s a type of martial arts for everyone. Want to know more about this topic or others related to it? Continue checking out the other posts we’ve crafted for readers like you in this section.  

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