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Each year, there are about 194,500 job openings for nurses. Are you looking for a nursing job, but not sure where to start? There are a variety of nursing jobs available including those in the hospital, working in doctor’s offices, schools, in patient’s homes, and assisting surgeons.

This career can be quite flexible, and there are several places you can find a nursing job. Keep reading to find out how you can find a job based on your experience.

Types of Nurses

To get started, you need to figure out which type of job you want. Do you want to be a hospital nurse? Do you want to be a home care nurse?

There are several types of nurses including:

  • Labor and delivery nurse
  • Critical care nurse
  • Emergency room nurse
  • Geriatric nurse
  • Pediatric nurse
  • Perioperative nurse
  • Mental health nurse
  • Nurse educator
  • Nurse midwife
  • Nurse manager
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Oncology nurse
  • Orthopedic nurse
  • Public health nurse
  • Travel nurse
  • School nurse

And, the list goes on. In order to search, it’s best to narrow down what you want to do.

Where Do Nurses Work?

To find a nursing job, you also need to determine where you want to work. Do you like the hospital environment? Would you rather work at a clinic or doctor’s office?

In addition to the medical clinics and hospitals, nurses can work in a variety of places including:

  • Patient’s homes
  • Schools
  • Jails
  • Military bases
  • Health insurance company
  • Rehab facilities
  • Nursing homes

You can check out the websites of these places if you want to work in a different environment. Some of the best hospitals for nursing jobs offer great benefits and schedules for their employees, so you may want to do your research to find out which facilities are offering bonuses and other perks.

Online Job Sites

You can also look for nursing jobs on various sites that are dedicated to the nursing field. These sites include:

  • Nurse.com
  • Nursejungle.com
  • Onward Healthcare (for traveling nurses)
  • RN Wanted
  • NurseFinders
  • Nursemp
  • Ultimate Nurse
  • Diversity Nursing
  • CampusRN

You can also check out other sites like Indeed or Glassdoor and search the nursing field. You can search your desired job title like “nurse”, “registered nurse”, or “nurse practitioner.” Then add your desired location.

You can also add more filters like salary or distance. Keep in mind that salaries may not always be accurate and some are just estimates like those on Glassdoor.

You can also read employee reviews and get some great insight into the company. 

Website Job Postings

You can also go directly to the health system or hospital’s website directly to look for a job. Not every health system uses job search sites, so you want to make sure you aren’t missing any great opportunities.

Go to the website and look for a link that says “jobs” or “careers.” Most of the time, these links are either at the top or in the footer at the bottom of the site. 

If you don’t see any jobs that interest you, see if you can find a nursing recruiter’s email. You can send them a professional email to let them know you are interested in working for their health system. Don’t forget to attach an updated resume to this email.

You may even be able to sign up for career alerts so you can know when a new job opening is posted. 

Social Media Sites

Social media is also becoming a powerful tool for job searching. Check out LinkedIn. You can grow your professional network on LinkedIn and also find jobs. Healthcare recruiters use this platform regularly, so they may find you for the right nursing job on this site.

Your professional profile acts as a digital resume, so make sure you keep your profile up-to-date. You can even apply using your LinkedIn profile alone. 

If you want recruiters to contact you, make sure you set “open to job opportunities” in your settings. Healthcare recruiters will then know you are open to a new position.

You can professional connect with healthcare providers. You may find your dream job through your professional network.

Word of Mouth

Use your professional connections in the healthcare industry and see if they know of any open jobs. Word of mouth is a great way to find a job that may not be posted online. Your connection can also put in a good word for you, which can go a long way in helping you land a job.

If there are no full-time positions, some companies accept new per-diem applicants that let them test your work ethic to see if they want to hire you full-time.

Check Out In-Person

Never underestimate the value of face-to-face interaction. Head out to local clinics or hospitals and present yourself professionally as you hand our your resume. You want to make a great first impression that may be hard to make through an internet application.

Make sure you are dressed professionally. Be polite and smile as you talk to the person at the front desk. They can help guide you where to drop off your resume. 

If you have a facility in mind where you want to work, try to make some connections with people that work there. They may be able to help you find the right person to find the job you desire.

Finding a Nursing Job

There are several ways you can find a nursing job. Determine what type of nursing career you want and in what setting. Then you can start checking out online job postings, job sites, social media, and even hand out your resume in person.

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