Top Techniques for Global Recruiting

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Did you know that the most skilled job candidates are off the market within ten days?

While the competition for qualified employees continues to grow, international companies need to develop global recruiting strategies that will help them to find the best talent. If you don’t use the right strategy, you’ll miss out on great hiring opportunities. 

To help you develop a solid global recruitment strategy we’ve put together a guide. Read on to find out about the top employee recruitment tips. 

The Basics of Global Recruiting

Recruitment is a method that companies use to look for, screen, hire, and onboard new employees. In many cases, the process is fairly simple. But due to technological advances and a competitive labor market, it’s more difficult to find job candidates than it used to be. 

For most companies, the human resources department takes the lead in recruiting and hiring new global employees. When you use the right recruitment strategies, potential employees will be more interested in working for your company. 

The Recruitment Process

If you want to develop the best possible employee recruitment strategy, it’s important that your company take several things into account. This includes the size of your company, the current state of the global economy, how attractive your company is, and labor laws. 

Top Ways to Develop Strong Employee Recruitment Strategies

If you want to strengthen your global recruitment strategy, take steps to make the hiring process more efficient. Here are several ways that you can do this. 

Motivate Top International Talent to Join Your Company

There is a lot of competition within the global talent market. If you look for talent without putting boundaries on location, your job will be more difficult. This is why your company should have the right branding so that it can sway job seekers to want to work for your company. 

The most effective way to develop your branding and messaging for new talent is to focus on your company’s career site. As the face of your company, it’s usually the first way that potential employees interact with your business. This is why you should create messaging that speaks directly to your talent audience. 

You can do this by welcoming visitors with relevant job openings based on what they search for. You should also make sure that your company’s guiding values and mission statement are visible on your company’s career site. 

If you’re looking to hire employees who speak different languages, be sure that there are chat features available to them in multiple languages. 

Many companies also choose to work with global expansion and remote work leaders. They can help businesses in their remote recruitment efforts. This company can help you to recruit globally. 

Make Your Hiring Approach More Straightforward

In the world of global recruiting, it’s essential that you are consistent. It’s often the case that international companies need to have different workflows and processes. But they also need to standardize what they’re doing.  

There are several things you can start doing to standardize your global recruitment efforts. You can start by making your workflows more straightforward by creating bulk actions and common tasks. 

You can also alter your dashboards to reflect specific hiring locations. This will make it easier to assess the right metrics for each talent market. 

Lastly, make sure that any offer that you make to job candidates is consistently branded, regardless of location. 

Think About the Job Candidate User Experience

If you create mobile-friendly job applications that are quick and simple for candidates to fill out, people will be more likely to apply. It’s also likely that they’ll be more interested in working for your company. They’ll recognize that it has established itself as a leader in global recruitment. 

Any job description that you post should be written well. This way potential candidates will understand a position’s key roles and responsibilities.

Once applicants start engaging with your company, make sure that you are consistent with your communication. This often means that you need to coordinate between departments within your company. 

Consider Developing an Employee Referral Program

Since employee referrals contribute to a third of all new hires. This is why it’s essential that you create an employee referral program if you don’t yet have one. To develop a great program, you should consider offering a referral bonus that is unique for each country and part of the world. 

You can calculate what this bonus should be by looking at the average yearly salary within each country.

Create a Standard Onboarding Process

No matter where in the world employees live, you should have the same onboarding process. This will need to do things such as making videos to inform new employees about how your company functions and what its culture is like. 

Once your company sends job offers to potential candidates, make sure that you send offer letters. They should explain the most important job-level responsibilities and expectations. 

When your company hires new employees, it’s a great idea to organize a virtual lunch to introduce new employees to their immediate team. If you’re part of a large organization, consider creating monthly virtual events. Here you can introduce new hires to your workplace. 

Start Embracing New Global Recruiting Strategies Today

If your company does not yet have a global recruiting strategy in place, it’s important to develop one.

Make sure that you find a way to motivate international talent to join your company. It’s also important to make your hiring approach as straightforward as it can be. If you don’t already have an employee referral program in place, consider creating one. 

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