8 Reasons You Should Replace a Cracked Windshield

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You’re driving along, peacefully heading to work, when all of a sudden you hear something slam against your windshield. A tiny pebble flying through the air led to a cracked windshield.

You can’t prevent a cracked windshield unless you avoid driving altogether. Getting a crack in your windshield is almost never your fault.

The only problem is that you can’t really hold anyone else liable. You’ll need to fix this one yourself.

Luckily, windshield repair isn’t too expensive. Especially if the crack is still small. But more often than not, cracks grow, and by the time you fix your windshield, it actually makes more sense to invest in windshield replacement.

Wondering why you should replace a windshield rather than try to repair it? Keep reading below to find out. 

1. Prioritize Safety

Certain issues with your car are purely cosmetic. For example, if your kid runs into the door with their bike and puts a dent in the side of your vehicle, you don’t need to fix it.

A dent in your door won’t affect your safety or the functionality of your vehicle. It’s just a cosmetic issue. You can fix it if you want, or ignore it if you have better ways to spend your money.

But a damaged windshield is different. Regardless of how large or small a windshield crack is, it is a safety hazard.

In the event of an accident, a solid windshield is critical to your safety. It prevents debris from getting into the vehicle and causing harm. It prevents the glass from shattering completely. And it distributes the force of the crash to the chassis rather than to the interior where you and your passengers are sitting.

A cracked windshield lowers the effectiveness in all of these areas, putting you at risk should you crash. 

2. Cracks Grow

Most people don’t fix small windshield cracks right when they happen. If they did, then it would make sense to repair rather than buy a new windshield. 

But because they don’t fix a small crack, it slowly grows over time into a much bigger crack. Moisture and debris, along with sunlight and heat can quicken the growth of your crack.

Eventually, a crack can take up the entire windshield to the point of low visibility. The sooner you fix a crack or replace the windshield, the better it is.

3. Small Cracks are Cheap to Fix

No one wants to spend money on auto repairs. But by ignoring a crack, you’ll eventually have to spend more money than you want to.

By repairing a small crack right away, you’ll spend the least amount of money. The size of the crack is the biggest factor when determining the repair cost. 

A small dink will be cheap and quick to fix.

4. You Might Get a Ticket

Maybe you want to save money by not repairing or replacing your windshield. But that can bite you later on.

Cracked windshields are often illegal, especially when they impair the vision of the driver. If you have large cracks, you might just get pulled over and get a traffic ticket.

Then you have two bills to pay. And tickets can be as high as a few hundred bucks. Ouch. 

Save money by being proactive and replacing your windshield before a cop needs to tell you to do so. 

5. A Cracked Windshield Affects Your Driving

Cracks in your shield, whether small or large, impact your ability to drive. There should be nothing on your windshield that can distract you while driving. But that’s exactly what a crack does.

They are especially dangerous at night, or in low visibility situations like fog or rain. Your ability to see clearly while driving is the most important thing. A crack will lower your ability to see. 

6. Safety Features Might Malfunction

Your windshield plays a role in your safety when getting into an accident. It’s one component of many safety features in your vehicle. And they all work together to maximize your safety.

When your windshield is already cracked before getting into an accident, the effectiveness of other safety features may be impaired. For example, your airbags might fail to deploy if your windshield isn’t able to do its job properly. 

And without airbags, you’re in for a rude awakening. When considering the risk-reward of replacing your windshield, just know that nearly 40,000 Americans die each year in car accidents. 

You should take every step necessary to ensure your safety on the road. 

7. Replacement Can Be More Cost-Effective

When a crack is small, it’s cheaper to repair. But if you have multiple cracks or one large crack, it usually makes more sense to replace the entire windshield. 

In the long run, this is easier to do. Plus, with a brand new windshield, your car will look nicer. The newer glass will perform better in the elements while driving. 

A new windshield will be stronger than one that has had repairs done on it. It will ultimately last longer and resist future cracks, thanks to its structural integrity.

Many times, windshield repair or replacement might be covered by insurance. But in some areas, it might not be. Check this page to learn about windshield replacement without insurance. 

8. Easier to Sell 

Plan on selling your car in the near future? Smart buyers ask tons of questions. They’ll likely ask if there were any cracks in the windshield.

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