Robie Uniacke- Complete biography and truths behind the facade

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Robie Uniacke, an older man who has been through a number of phases in his life, some were too sunny and some were far too deviant. He is a businessman but always had a knack for mathematics and has been a genius in that. He has been married twice but was divorced because of his heroin addiction.

He came under the spotlight when he started dating the renowned actress, Rosamund Pike and the couple is giving some major couple goals to their fans. Let’s discuss what more to uncover in Robie Uniacke’s life!  

Robie Uniacke’s earlier life & Education 

Robie Uniacke was born in England in 1960 and is 61 years old by now. By nationality, he is British. His upbringing took place in Winder, England by both of his parents. His parents observed his interest in numerals since his preliminary age. He got a knack for solving problems and tasks much quicker than his peers.  

He attended High school in his hometown, Windsor then pursued higher studies at Eton College, then followed his path for numerals, and finally got a degree in Mathematics in 1983. His love for figures never got torpid, in fact, it bloomed with the passage of time.  

Robie Uniacke’s family 

Robie belongs of Caucasian origin, so his religion is Christianity, his father, David Corbett Uniacke, and his mother, Jennifer Sally Cunningham raised him in Windsor. He was not an only child but has other siblings i.e., Camila Alexander his sister, and his half-brothers Caspar John Uniacke and Kate Uniacke.  

Robie Uniacke as a businessman  

Right after graduating from college, Robie’s genius mind helped him in pursuing various career options and towards his professional success. Initially, he worked for several consultant and financial companies, but he always dreamt to run his own company.  

2010- Robie found an IT company, Pale Fire Ltd., where he used to work on the director board of companies, everything was going smoothly, but the problems chimed in and the company starts to struggle and at last closed down in 2016. The reason behind the closing of the company was that the company failed to pay taxes i.e., $250,000 to HMRC. 

2018- News was broadcasted by Dailymilk UK, where it was revealed that Robie was entangled in numerous offenses during the financial bankrupting of the company where he was employed.  

One of the major offenses was that he was taking the bulk of the money from the company’s account and was fulfilling his personal financial obligations, he later claimed of his doings and was fired from his director’s designation.  

Robie Uniacke as Mathematician  

Robie Uniacke has been earnestly intrigued by Mathematics since his college years or most probably it could be said since childhood. His profound interest in mathematics led him towards pursuing this career as a mathematical researcher.  

Robie Uniacke marital life & Children 

Robie’s first marriage was with the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle, Emma Howard. Robie was younger than Emma when they got married, Emma was 30 years old while Robie was just 22 years old. The couple was living a felicitous married life when Robie’s addiction came into revelation and the problems started which led to some serious consequences and they called off their marriage, they already had been blessed with a son, Robie Jonjo Uniacke.  

Robie again decided to marry an interior designer, Rose Batson with whom he had three children, Olive, Hector, and Florence Uniacke. Their marriage didn’t last long and they parted ways.  

Robie Uniacke- Complete biography and truths behind the facade

Current love lady of Robie Uniacke 

Robie Uniacke- Complete biography and truths behind the facade

Robie Uniacke has been currently in love with the popular actress, Rosamund Pike, and the couple has been dating since 2009, and the decade has been since their love has started blooming. Rosamund Pike has described Robie as

“Robie has been the most interesting person I come across”, She also stated, “It’s a thing I prize highly and appreciate daily. Someone who’s self-confident enough and secure enough to deal with this crazy… It is crazy, how our life is.”  

“Just the constant shifting. The fact we keep any form of routine is quite remarkable, really.” 

She feels different for Robie than her previous lovers, which is a reason behind their strong relationship.  

The couple had decided to break the stereotypes and have no plans in near future, but they already have welcomed two sons in their dating life. They have named their sons Solo and Atom Uniacke.  

Robie Uniacke’s Hobbies & Interests 

  • Robie has been interested in mathematics since his early life and used to solve problems and tasks in his leisure time.  
  • Robie is a sinophile and loves Chinese language culture and occasionally speaks in mandarin, He has made his children learn Chinese as well. His obsession with Chinese has never died down, and surprisingly her partner’s name has also been originated from the Chinese language.   

Robie Uniacke’s Heroin addiction 

Robie has been addicted to heroin which resulted in some resurrection and he lost his first two marriages in the way which has been a serious downfall for him. But eventually, he started focusing on his health and saved himself from some catastrophic circumstances.  

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Robie Uniacke’s Net worth 

Robie’s estimated net worth is $5 million per annum, his major source of earning is his employment in the company, although he is earning through various brand promotions and advertisements. He could have pursued his career in mathematical research but he prioritized business over it.  

FAQs on Robie Uniacke 

Who is Robie Uniacke? 

Robie Uniacke is a businessman and a mathematical researcher, although he got popular when he started dating Rosamund pike, a famous TV actress of “Gone Girl”. 

How many children does Robie Uniacke have? 

He has one child with his first wife Emma Howard, three children with his send wife Rose Batson, and 2 sons with his longtime partner Rosamund Pike.  

Has Robie Uniacke been married before he met Rosamund pike? 

Robie has been married twice before he met his lady love, His first marriage was with the daughter of late Earl of Carlisle, Emma Howard, and his second marriage was with an interior designer, Rose Batson.  

Who is Rosamund Pike to Robie Uniacke? 

The couple has been dating since early 2009 and has been immensely in love, they have two sons together.  

Has Robie Uniacke got indulged in drugs? 

He has been addicted to heroin which led to some disastrous situations in his life, his first two marriages were failed due to his addiction.  

What is Robie Uniacke’s total net worth?  

His estimated net worth by the last year has been calculated to $5million USD, which is mainly earned through his business.  

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