RHONDA WORTHEY- The life story you need to know

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Who is Rhonda Worthey? 

Rhonda Worthey, a reality television personality, well known for being one of the stars of the show “The Real Housewives of Dallas”, was born on 2nd May 1970, in Texas, United States of America


Not as much is known about the television personality, Rhonda Worthey, but here is what is known. 


Rhonda Worthey was born on 2nd May 1970, in Texas, in the United States of America. So as of 2021, she became 51 years old. She praises her introduction to the world commemoration on May second consistently. She owns American Nationality with White Ethnicity. 

Early Life 

An American lady, born in Texas, entered the world with her loving parents, although their identities are not disclosed yet. Rhonda’s life before her union with Troy Aikman is left hidden. There is very little to be known about the life of Rhonda before she married Troy Aikman.

There is no information about her childhood, her family, or her education, but it’s known that she had married once before from which she has a daughter, though details of the child’s father and that relationship have never been disclosed publicly.  


Rhonda Worthey is well-educated as she owns a degree in Public Relations that led to her position as a publicist in Dallas Cowboys. It was then she was working as a publicist for the Dallas Cowboys which would allow her to eventually meet the former football star, Troy Aikman. 

Professional career  

Rhonda Worthey may have caught the media’s attention because of her marriage to her famous ex-husband, Troy Aikman, a former American footballer and member of the College Football Hall of Fame who enjoyed his whole profession with the Dallas Cowboys. She had a well-established professional career as a television personality.

Rhonda spent some energy working as public relations assistant for the expert NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. She likewise pursued a career as a commentator for the Fox Network. Rhonda Worthey is a reality Television star, publicist, and commentator (analyst) from the United States.  

Rhonda Worthey and the Real Housewives of Dallas 

RHONDA WORTHEY- The life story you need to know

The Real Housewives reality television show franchise has been able to furnish into the biggest reality show series in the entire United States.  The show mainly focuses on the routine lives of some very high-profile ladies who reside in various parts of the U.S.  Beginning in 2012, the show would continue to become popular and expand to new cities.  Rhonda has become notable for not being Troy Aikman’s ex, yet rather as one of the main stars of the TV series.

Preceding the show debuting, there was some speculation that Rhonda would be one of the ‘housewives’ that was a regular cast member on the show.  With all things considered, the show would consistently push back, not affirming who the cast was until February of 2016. Notwithstanding all that Rhonda had going on, she would sadly not make the rundown of normal cast individuals that would be on the show, despite the fact that she was an exceptionally high-profile lady. 

Rhonda Worthey charged with public intoxication 

One and a half years after Rhonda and Troy were divorced, Rhonda would find herself being arrested because she was found drunk in public at a high school.  Because of this, she was charged with public intoxication.  What is known about the incident, is that Rhonda was holding two different water bottles from which alcohol was smelling badly.  She was eventually released from custody later that very same day on a bond that summed to $269.  

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The net worth of Rhonda Worthey 

As of late-2018, sources inform us the net worth of Rhonda Worthey is around $10 million, earned through a successful career in reality television, and benefiting also from a significant addition from the divorce proceedings between her and her ex-husband, Troy Aikman. As she continues her wishes, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to enhance.

Although Rhonda doesn’t make much after her retirement as a Publicist and divorce aftermath, she still racks up to 10 million according to some sources. She still has the home obtained during the divorce settlement and probably has made legal investments from her settlement money. 


Worthey acknowledged a post as a marketing expert for the Dallas Cowboys, where she met her future spouse Troy Aikman, who had been dating a singer, Lorrie Morgan prior to meeting Worthey. But Aikman’s relationship with the singer Lorrie Morgan didn’t work out. So the relationship of Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey started when they met at Dallas Cowboys. 

Who is Troy Aikman? 

Troy Kenneth Aikman, the ex-husband of Rhonda Worthey, played with the Texas Cowboys for his entire 12-year professional career. He was an amazing player who won the Super Bowl XXVII MVP award. He is a six-time Pro Bowl selection and for this, he is named as the MVP of Super Bowl XXVII, after his retirement, he was known both as, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and as well a the member of College Football Hall of Fame. 

After his retirement, he decided to shift his career to a sportscaster, profoundly working on television for the Fox Network. He additionally took his hand at sports team ownership, turning to be the joint owner of the racing team Hall of Fame Racing, which is a part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, in addition to former Cowboys quarterback Roger Steinbach, however, later decided to sell his shares of the team. He was also a partial owner of the professional baseball team, the San Diego Padres. 

Marital relationship 

The two had an effective dating life which prompted marriage. On April 8, 2000, they got married after being dated since 1998. It was a widely discussed wedding with countless family members, companions, and associates in participation. After their wedding, Aikman adopted his little girl, and the pair proceeded to have their own two daughters.

Their bond became more grounded as their marriage was fixed with two wonderful daughters; Ashley and Alexa Aikman. Just like father, daughters showed interest in sports. Jordan Ashley Aikman, the younger child, was brought into the world on August 24, 2001, and Alexa Marie Aikman, the second, was brought into the world on July 30, 2002.

Before they split up, the couple had been together for quite a long time, so the relationship go on for a considerable length of time from 2000-to 2011 after which they got isolated from one another. Things appeared to be working out emphatically until 2011 when the couple offered a joint articulation that they had decided to be independent and should separate their ways.

The well-known NFL star Troy Aikman won’t be any kind of special case for that. In the wake of expenditure over 10 years as a couple, the two would conclude that it was in both of their well-being to head out in a different direction. So, you might be thinking about what precisely happened to Aikman’s ex, Rhonda Worthey? 

Divorce of Rhonda Worthey Aikman 

The separation of Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey was a hot subject in April 2011. The reason for their separation is obscure to the overall world. In any case, they have said that they would remain faithful to their kids. As per them, it was a hard choice to make, however in spite of the separation, they stayed focused on their kids.

They shared no more subtleties, yet as indicated by a few sources, it was finished not long after the declaration, with Rhonda getting an extensive wealth from her ex-husband, enough that she had the choice to get her own home. She additionally won the custody case of their two kids. The two continued on, with Rhonda acquiring increasingly fewer media considerations throughout the following, not many years. As indicated by reports, Worthey got full custody over their daughters along with a $1.5 million separation settlement and $1.75 million in kid support. 

Custody of daughters 

When the two concluded that it was over between them, they would have their separation finished on April 12, 2011. After they had effectively separated from one another, they would each get an equivalent portion of custody over their two little girls by the court framework. 

For what reason did Rhonda and Troy Decide to Divorce? 

The genuine explanation that Rhonda and Troy concluded that they as of now did not have any desire to be seeing someone stays obscure right up ’til today. While the two came out freely to make the announcement that they had chosen to get a separation and head out in a different direction, however that never really unveiled the explanation that they had come to this choice.

Along these lines, it is difficult to say the reason why Rhonda and Troy in the end presumed that it wouldn’t work out any longer. The two would come out and say that their daughters meant the world to them and that the two of them intended to remain profoundly dedicated to assisting them with growing up to be the best individuals that they might potentially be. In a meeting that Troy did after the separation had been finished, he would concede that choosing to isolate from Rhonda was one of the hardest choices that he had at any point needed to make. 

Life of Rhonda after divorce 

Starting around 2021, Troy would continue on and get back in the relationship game and got engaged to retailer Catherine “Capa” Mooty on June 2, 2017. It is indistinct regardless of whether Rhonda has continued on and engaged with another relationship or not. She has not remarried since her separation from Troy, yet it isn’t known regardless of whether she has or is at present dating anyone. After separation, her daughters become her principal worry of consideration followed by her professional life. 

In the wake of getting isolated from Aikmen in 2011, she had filled in as a Fox News Network analyst. Rhonda likewise speculated to be a part of the Real Housewives of Dallas cast before it debuted. However, it proved to be incorrect because she was absent from the series when it was finally shown after years of delay, with some assuming that her absence was related to the delay. She presently gets herself far from media and scarcely anybody is familiar with her location. You couldn’t in fact track down her via online media. 

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