The Best Ways To Put Your Personal Touch Into Your Outdoor Kitchen

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If you’re planning to have an outdoor kitchen installed, you’re not alone. This type of project has grown from a novelty into a popular home improvement endeavor over the last several years. Well over half of the American homeowners now have outdoor kitchens, and another 40 percent are considering this type of project.

Countless homeowners have given their families more ways to enjoy the outdoors and boosted their property values by having a kitchen added to their outdoor entertainment spaces. An endless array of options are available for this type of entertainment area, but not all of them are suited to all homeowners’ styles and preferences.

Customizing an Outdoor Kitchen

Numerous outdoor kitchen kits are on the market. Some are small and compact whereas others are more inclusive, offering virtually anything a homeowner might need for cooking and entertaining guests. Having said that, they’re largely cookie-cutter solutions.

That doesn’t mean you can’t customize a space like this. Even the prefabricated kits can be modified to meet specific needs. Several tailor-made options are also available. Whether you’re thinking about outdoor kitchen appliances or trying to decide just how the cabinets should be set up, there’s no end to the possibilities. 

Adding Outdoor Appliances

Some people stick to the basics when planning which outdoor appliances to include in their exterior cooking areas. That might include a built-in grill and a miniature refrigerator. Others feel that if they’re not going to go all out, there’s no point in having an outdoor kitchen in the first place. For them, the complete package is the better solution. That might encompass a gas grill, stove and oven, full-size refrigerator with icemaker, separate wine cooler, and dishwasher

Granted, not all of those appliances are essential. You could certainly get by with nothing more than a grill. With so many options on the market, though, why not take matters to the next level? The more appliances you include in the outdoor kitchen, the fewer trips you’ll have to make back and forth to your indoor kitchen. That means less work for you and more time to enjoy the outdoors. Think about how much entertaining you’ll be doing outdoors and your cooking style to help personalize your outdoor kitchen.

Cabinets and Counter Space

Though it’s true that many homeowners have limited space for their outdoor kitchens, cabinets and counter space are essential components. They give you space to store commonly needed dishes and utensils and provide space for food preparation. Don’t overlook the value of a fully working sink with incoming hot water, either. Numerous materials are available for those components, and the choice of finishes can truly add a personal touch to the setup. Consider the height of the cabinets and countertops as well to tailor the space to meet your unique needs. 

Making an Outdoor Kitchen Your Own

Those are only a few of the ways you can customize an outdoor kitchen. Think about where you want to have it installed, too. Would it be more convenient as an extension of your indoor space or as a separate feature from your home?

What about the accompanying outdoor dining area? Would you like to have a shelter installed over the kitchen to protect its features and allow you to use the space even when the weather isn’t cooperating? Ask yourself those questions and consider all the options at your disposal to create an outdoor kitchen that reflects your personality.

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