How to Choose a Commercial Brew Kettle

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Looking for the ideal brew kettle could be an overwhelming process, especially due to the various designs and brands available in the market. Selecting the proper brew kettle is essential. Your brew kettle could be with you for ages when you pick and maintain the device well.

Deciding the best brew kettle and getting the most out of your investment weigh many aspects. It would be best to consider your future needs as vital as your current needs. Before you buy, here are some things you must consider on the kind of commercial brew kettle you need. 

What Is a Brew Kettle?

Brew Kettles are crucial elements of any brewhouse where you boil the wort for about an hour or so to create beer. Once boiling is complete, the wort whirls to isolate undesirable solids from the liquid. You can pick between stainless steel or other sturdy and non-reactive material. 

So, how do you choose the best brew kettle out of the rest? Let’s talk about it more in the sections below:

Ensure the Capacity Works For You

The most vital benchmark when choosing a brew kettle is the capacity. You’ll need an adequate size for the total quantity of the boil and extra space to avoid overflows. For example, a seven-gallon batch can only fit in a 10-gallon kettle.

Don’t be frugal in choosing a brew kettle; you should invest in larger sizes. It may seem that getting a 10-gallon kettle is cheaper than the 15 kettle gallons, but if you need to brew more in time, you’ll be glad you don’t need to buy another brew kettle.

Consider the Material

Professional or amateur brewers often get stainless steel since it’s easier to clean and non-reactive. Unfortunately, it’s can be quite pricey; but you’ll be using this equipment for a long time, and it’s going to be worth it.

Aside from stainless steel, you can also go for an aluminum design. It’s affordable, lightweight, and transmits heat better than stainless. However, due to the possibility of aluminum toxicity, it’s best to ask the company and sellers for help when choosing the material. 

Look at the Amenities and Features

One of the great perks of a high-quality brew kettle is that it has amenities, like a built-in thermowell. If you choose between the kettle size and having the amenities, go for the size for your future needs. However, you could always add the extra amenities with some weldless fittings and a drill.

For example, adding the thermowell built-in is ideal if your brew kettle doubles as your mash tun. You can also install a ball valve for a more effortless transfer with an extract grain brewer.

Create a Budget and Stick to It

However, before anything else, you must plan your budget for your brew kettle. Try to save instead of getting something cheaper when you find the kettle you want without available funding yet. Saving may take time, but it may cost you more to buy a smaller or cheaper kettle due to regular replacements or repairs. 

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Choose the Right Brew Kettle!

So when purchasing a brew kettle, make sure you learn about the capacity, extra features, and materials. Be sure to ask the sellers about the brew kettles to help you pick which one fits your needs best. 

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