Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Vehicles

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The vehicle shipping industry in the US is worth a staggering $10.8 billion. This is good news for consumers because such a large market means there are plenty of car shipping companies at their disposal. While finding the right shipping company is certainly important, it doesn’t guarantee a completely seamless car shipping process.

Shipping vehicles outside or across the country is as complicated as it sounds. Making a few avoidable mistakes could further complicate the process and kill you with frustration. So what are these mistakes you shouldn’t make when shipping your vehicles?

Well, join us today and find out. That’s because, in today’s post, we’ll be highlighting a few common mistakes you shouldn’t make when shipping your vehicle.

Overpaying for Shipping Services

It’s no secret, car shipping services are expensive, but it’s nothing to break the bank. The first mistake you can make when shipping your car is paying extravagantly for the prices. This is especially common with first-timers because vehicle shipping companies can take advantage of their inherent naivety.

Make sure you ask for estimates from multiple shipping companies to get an idea of the cost of shipping your car. Most companies will be more than happy to offer free shipping quotes. However, be wary of hidden charges that some companies may not be too transparent about.

You can use online shipping cost calculators to get an accurate figure for your vehicle shipping quote. This nifty tool will help you avoid paying too much for your vehicle shipping.

Failing to Research the Auto Shipping Company

As mentioned above, there’s no shortage of auto shipping companies in the country. But with so many vehicle shipping companies, picking the right one is a huge challenge.

Most people will do a simple Google search and pick the first company that pops up. In most cases, this works to their detriment, and they have to contend with substandard car shipping services.

Make sure you do proper research on any auto transport company you have in mind. Check out reviews, testimonials, and what people have to say about the company on social media. Reviews on the company’s site may be misleading, so read reviews on authority sites like Yelp or the BBB for honest reviews.

Remember to explore all your options before finally settling on a car shipping company. You can always talk to the company’s customer service reps if you have any questions concerning the price or shipping process.

Failing to Provide the Right Documents

You must provide a few crucial documents before any shipping company accepts your car for shipping. Most auto transport companies have zero-tolerance policies on these shipping documents. This is to avert or nip auto theft in the bud.

Failing to present the right shipping documents will stop your vehicle shipping activities in their tracks. Ensure you have all the proper documents before you approach the car shipping company. It will save you a lot of time and trouble further along the line.

A couple of must-have documents include the vehicle registration, insurance certificate, and proof of ownership. Companies that don’t bother with your car’s documentation may be illegitimate.

Skipping the Vehicle Inspection

Any shipping company that waives or insists on waiving the vehicle inspection isn’t worth your time or money. Some shipping companies might suggest skipping the inspection to speed up the process. It makes sense, but it’s a trap.

Without an inspection, the shipping company can tamper with your car and maintain that you brought it that way. Don’t be surprised if you pick up your car with a few missing parts. You’ll have no proof against the company because you decided to skip the inspection.

That said, make sure the shipping company does a comprehensive inspection of your car before dispatching it for shipment. The inspection should note issues with your car and any missing parts. That way, the shipping company can be accountable for any damage or missing parts.

It’s also important to have another inspection when the car arrives at its destination. This inspection will confirm whether the car is as it was before shipment.

Overlooking Insurance Coverage

Any reputable car shipping company will have general liability insurance. This protects you and the company from out-of-pocket costs in case of any vehicle damage during transit. If the shipping company doesn’t have proper insurance, you’d best find another one.

Ask the shipping company to furnish you with a copy of their insurance certificate. If it does, go straight to the certificate’s expiry date. Remember, an expired certificate invalidates the insurance coverage.

It’s normal to find shipping companies that don’t have sufficient insurance coverage. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker because you can pay a small fee and the shipping company will upgrade your vehicle’s coverage.

Not Emptying Your Vehicle Before Shipping

It might be tempting to sneak a couple of items into your car to save you the trouble of shipping them on their own. On the surface, it seems like a perfect plan, but it’s not.

First, the law restricts shipping companies from transporting any vehicles with household items. However, some companies might allow up to 100 pounds of your personal items in the car. However, the shipping company won’t be liable for any damaged or lost items during shipping, and neither will the insurance provide

To be on the safe side, you’d better empty your car completely before taking it to the shipping company. Note that if the department of transport finds any household items in your car, they might seize them. Packing items in your car before shipping isn’t worth the risk.

Avoid These Mistakes When Shipping Vehicles

Shipping vehicles will be a cakewalk if you avoid the above car shipping mistakes. Consider checking out a car shipping guide to learn all you need about car shipping. Also, explore all your options before settling on an auto shipping company for your vehicle.

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