5 Tips on Formulating the Best Paintball Strategy for a Winning Team

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You and your buddies might have the best paintball guns, the fastest-loading hoppers, and the most protective masks. But it’s no use heading to the range without a failsafe paintball strategy. 

After all, you don’t want to be known as the team with all the gear and no idea! 

From the best paintball strategy for beginners to paintball tactics that’ll surprise even your most experienced opponents, keep reading to learn how to up your game and claim victory on the paintball range!

1. Take Cover

It sounds obvious but many beginners fail to understand how much using a cover can help their game. Standing out in the open might get you a better view of your target, but you’re also making yourself a sitting duck when you do this.

Hiding behind barricades won’t only stop you from being hit either. Taking cover is also one of the best paintball tactics to employ when you’re cleaning or recharging your gear, such as these air tank bottles, https://maddogsports.com/collections/paintball-co2-hpa-compressed-air-tank-bottles.

2. Zig-Zag Away

Nowhere to hide? Then you’ll need to run! Moving targets are much harder to hit, but as advanced paintball tips will explain, zipping across the range in a zig-zag pattern will make it extra difficult for your opponents to get a clear shot at you while you run for cover. 

3. Look Around

Although they’re essential for paintballing safety, heavy-duty masks and goggles block out a lot of your peripheral vision. This results in a kind of tunnel vision, where you end up only ever focusing on the players right in front of you. All the while, there are ten opponents sneaking up from the side ready to turn you into a Jackson Pollock painting!

To avoid an ambush from other directions, make sure to move your head around and look in other directions to see what else is going on. 

4. Check Yourself 

An essential piece of advice about paintball strategy is to check for paint before you declare yourself out. Often, players will assume that a pellet has marked them once they’re hit. Checking first, though, would have shown them that the pellet bounced. Remember, once you’ve said you’re out, you can’t change your mind so this check could make all the difference!

5. Try the “Dead Man’s Walk”

Yes, it’s old school, not to mention very risky. But this trick can be a crafty way to get your team out of a jam if you have a player surrounded.

The idea is to act as though you’re out by standing up and walking toward the opposition. Since they’ll assume you’re out, they’re unlikely to pay you any attention. Until that is, you open fire! It’s sure to annoy your opponents but as long as you haven’t said you’re out or held your gun up in the air, it’s allowed!

Tips for Formulating the Best Paintball Strategy

Is your team in need of some winning paintball strategy tips? If so, this list should help remind you all of what to do and what not to do when you’re out on the paintball range. 

Before you know it, you might even be the ones giving out advice about paintball strategy!

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