Bert Grigorie Biography-The Ex-Husband of Wendy Williams?

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Bert Grigorie is renowned for being the first husband of the popular talk show host, Wendy Williams. The couple had a love marriage after meeting at Kiss FM, a radio station, but after a few months the circumstances went wrong and the couple parted ways. The reason behind the partition was Wendy’s bizarre behavior. Later after the divorce, Wendy married again to Kevin Hunter.

By profession, Bert Grigorie is president at G2 marketing, Inc. Let’s find out what happened with Bert after his divorce to a famed celebrity, as he has led a rather low-key life after that.  

Bert Grigorie’s Early Life 

Bert Grigorie was born on March 13th, 1964, so his age is 52 by 2022. As his earlier life, Grigorie was born and raised in Charlette, North Carolina, United States. He likes to keep his personal life out of paparazzi, therefore no information regarding his family is not known.  

However, as per a few resources it is known as Bert belongs to an educated upper-middle-class family of five. His two siblings Gabrielle and Bruce Grigorie are the only ones who are known publicly.  

Bert Grigorie’s Education & Profession 

Bret Grigorie attended Morehouse college of education. He was a member of Omega Psi Phi there as well.  

1991- Bret worked as an account executive at Kiss FM where he met Wendy Williams as well and left the company after serving 5 years in 1996. 

2010- Bret was appointed as the president of G2 marketing which is based in his hometown Charlette, North Carolina where the Inc. provides marketing and sales service to Small & Medium Businesses.  

2021- He was still working as the president of G2 marketing. 

Bert Grigorie’s Marital Life 

Bret met Wendy at the radio station where they started dating and after 2 years the couple tied the knot in 1994. But due to certain reasons, the couple didn’t find themselves compatible with each other and split their ways just after 5 months of their marriage in 1995.  

Bret Grigorie revealed that the reason behind their separation was Wendy’s unusual behavior. His statement was: “It was very bizarre. She just turned into a different person… I didn’t understand a lot of things. I didn’t understand what her motivations were.” 

Bret claimed that Wendy had a photographer and a reporter ride with them, which was supposed to be a private moment between the couple, Bret also alleged to Wendy that she was unfaithful to him during their relationship, people also made him aware regarding her cheating ways. 

Bret also claimed that marriage to Wendy was like a sham for her, as she never really loved him. Bret said “I didn’t really consider it, but looking back to the reason why we hooked up because I fit the profile, she thought would be suitable to show her parents. I came from a good family, a middle class/upper-middle class, educated. I was working on the radio station.” 

But Bret still acknowledged that both of them had a good time together. 

After their divorce, Bret came to know that Wendy has an addiction of drugs which he associated with her baffling behavior.  

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Bert Grigorie’s net worth 

As of 2021, Grigorie has an estimated net worth of $700k, but there is not much information concerning this. His source of income is marketing and sales export at G2 marketing.  

Bert Grigorie’s Current Whereabouts 

There is not much information regarding Bert’s personal life as he has kept his life private. He assumed to be single and has moved on from his first marriage. He is not on Instagram so there are no pictures that could give away anything about his private life. There are chances that he’s still residing in his hometown.   

FAQs on Bret Grigorie 

Who is Wendy William’s first husband? 

Bret Grigorie is Wendy’s first husband, the couple dated for roughly two years and tied the knot in 1994. But their relationship lasted for just 5 months and the couple get divorced.  

Who is Bret Grigorie? 

Bret Grigorie is Wendy Williams’s ex-husband and is president at G2 marketing which offers sales services to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). 

What is Bret Grigorie’s career? 

Bret Grigorie is currently president at sales and marketing business Inc. i.e., G2 marketing. 

Does Bret Grigorie have a whopping net worth? 

Bret’s net worth is approximately $700k, which he is earning from his marketing and Sales Inc.  

Why did Bret Grigorie and Wendy William part ways? 

Bret and Wendy William parted ways because of their incompatibility. Bret claimed that Wendy never loved him and cheated on him, he also got a gist regarding Wendy’s drug addiction which led to Wendy’s bizarre behavior which was the main reason behind the divorce.  

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