What Does the ‘New Normal’ Mean in Terms of Offices in 2022?

by whatsmind

The global COVID 19 pandemic brought about a new way to mark time in one’s life: pre-2020 and post-2020. As you move into the “post” phase of this global crisis, every system or habit in your life will go through a readjustment period. Systems in the workplace are no exception.

The pendulum swung far towards the direction of work-from-home when the pandemic started. For some, as soon as it was possible, their workplace wanted them back in person 100%. For others, there’s a delicate dance to find the new normal in terms of remote working and working from the office. 

This post will look at the different adjustments being made to create a new normal for office spaces around the world. Set down your briefcase and read on! 

Adjusting to the Great Resignation

The pause in normal operations gave people a chance to evaluate the cultural expectation to always put work first. Unsurprisingly, that toxic habit didn’t stand up to scrutiny. Cue The Great Resignation.

As business owners search for employees and strive to retain current employees, they must adapt to the new insistence for healthier hours and expectations. They must strive with the intention to create caring work environments that foster belonging. 

Making Space for a Hybrid Workforce

Once people realized they could effectively work from home, many decided they wouldn’t be going back. Business owners need more info on how to facilitate remote working and the increased flexibility of a hybrid workforce.

Companies most likely to thrive are those who can:

  • Harness technology
  • Sift through what needs to be done together and what can be done individually
  • Redesign systems to prize collaboration and agility

This means managers will need to focus on how to coach employees at home rather than control the moves of people directly.  

Diversity and Inclusion Approach

It’s clear that a more diverse team can solve more diverse problems. And they can solve standard problems more creatively. A key to consciously creating this space is prizing respect for all people because of their differences. 

One part of this is facilitating the return of mothers to the workforce. Women bore the brunt of job loss during the pandemic as they more likely carried the burden of childcare while schools were closed. Workplaces are more likely to thrive if they can create a diverse environment that holds space for working parents, people of color, and any other marginalized group. 

What Will the New Normal Look Like for Your Workplace?

If you own a business or have some say in the management of your current job, what will your new normal look like? With flexibility and intentionality, you can take the fallen building blocks of your business and use them to create something more resilient than ever before. 

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