How to Create an Effective Cold Calling Strategy

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Sixty-three percent of customers prefer businesses to text rather than call them. The number is even higher for Millennials. Before you abandon your cold calling strategy altogether, wait a minute. There are ways to make cold sales worth the time and effort.

Read this quick guide to find out how.

Plan Your Calls

You don’t have to arbitrarily call down a list of names. For your cold calling strategy, order your list of leads from high to low priority.

Who is a customer you don’t want to miss out on? If their name is too far down the list, then your competition might get to them first.

To order your list, you must first know who you’re calling. Your organization has probably designed a buyer persona. Use this as a tool to guide the questions you ask before your cold sales calls.

  • Who would this product benefit most?
  • What pain points do they encounter every day?
  • How is your product alleviating these pain points?

If you feel overwhelmed by all this preparation, you can always hire cold callers. Not only do they know how to prioritize leads, but they know how to finesse their way through any conversation.

Don’t Call Everybody

Just because you can call everybody on your list, it doesn’t mean you should. Not everyone has a pain point that needs to be addressed. 

Your curated list will inform you of this. Make sure it’s clear to you why you think your cold calling list has a pain point. Set yourself up for success by practicing this conversation before your call.

Pay Attention

Now that you’ve prioritized whom you’re calling, it’s time to move on to the social aspect of the cold calling tips.

How do you prepare yourself for something as intimidating as cold sales? Simply put, you start with a smile. Convey energy and confidence. Remember, you have something valuable to offer.

Being self-conscious is one of the worst mistakes you can make. You spend so much time worrying about how they perceive you that you forget to listen to them.

To show you’re listening, paraphrase everything they’re saying to you. Then ask if you’re understanding them correctly.

Don’t be afraid to take notes, either. It will help you build the relationship, especially if you speak with them again in the future.

Back It Up With Data

There’s hardly anything more convincing than data. Share case studies, statistics, or anything that makes proof of success tangible.

Just be careful that you aren’t getting too “sales-y.” Most people don’t like feeling like someone is trying to sell them something. Instead, convey that you want to help them. Be professional, but be yourself, too!

Create Your Cold Calling Strategy Today

Sales calling doesn’t have to be an obsolete form of communication. Rather, a cold calling strategy can be an effective way to reach your target audience.

These calling tips will give you a head start and help you stay ahead of your competitors. 

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