Welbeck Comments On Playing Again

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Danny Welbeck has finally made his first appearance since going down with an injury back in October. His return sparked the team’s big performance against Everton, but they came up short as the latter stole a 3-2 win.

The Hornets nearly had the win, but the Toffees were fierce and came well with a buzzing performance. Welbeck described his experience in the field with the team that seemed new to him.

‘It’s difficult having been out through injury’, said Welbeck right after the game. ‘It’s great to get back out on the pitch, it’s a good moment for me. But it’s a bittersweet day. I’m buzzing to be back out on the pitch and back involved with the lads, but the result is not something you can be happy about’.

Welbeck went down with former boss Quique Sanchez Flores at the helm. He returned to a Hornets team that has a new identity under new boss Nigel Pearson.

‘It’s difficult to take the defeat considering the position we were in’, Welbeck continued. ‘There are lessons we’ve got to learn from and see how we can come back from these disappointing moments. How you deal with these up and downs will test your character and make you who you want to be’.

Welbeck was disappointed in the loss, he understood the situation that the team is in right now. The game was crucial to their escape from the relegation zone, and the loss was another setback.

It was tough for Welbeck to watch on the sidelines, but it was tougher to lose when he played with them and still lost.

‘I’ve just wanted to be on the pitch doing what I can to help the boys and help the club get the results that we want. It’s difficult watching from the sidelines. I’m happy to be back involved and to try and make some impact for the team’, he said.

Pearson loved what he saw from Welbeck’s game. The 29-year-old’s experience was crucial to the team’s defence and overall chemistry as they had a big second-half run but failed to knock down the shots that they have attempted in the game.

‘It was important that we tried to push for another goal’, said the head coach. ‘I don’t really have any regrets about the changes we made to try and shift the momentum in the game, because I felt we were unable to regain enough composure and enough rhythm in the second half in possession’.

I think it’s more important to try to make positive decisions when we’ve had a setback in a game’, Pearson added. ‘I would rather people be questioning making positive decisions rather than being negative, because I think this football club has had too much of that this season’.

Everton’s goal in the 90th minute struck the Hornets like a dagger. It sealed the game away from them, and all those three points that could have been split went to the hands of Everton instead.

‘The manager said a few words and everyone was really down’, said Welbeck. ‘We need to look at it, analyse it and see where we went wrong. We’ve got to learn from these mistakes and make sure it doesn’t happen again. These unfortunate moments happen. You go through so many ups and downs in life and you just want to try and keep them to a minimum’.

‘We’ll come back stronger’, Welbeck added. The team is set to play Brighton this weekend in hopes of ending the losing streak.

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