Seven Features to Look For In a Hotel Housekeeping Software

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When someone needs to choose a hotel, the first thing that comes to mind is the hotel environment.

Whether it is for a vacation that will last a few weeks or a two-day business conference visit, people will always prefer a peaceful and facilitated hotel atmosphere. Hotel housekeeping is the department in charge of maintaining that environment in the hotel.

They are responsible for making sure that the visitors staying in the hotel have all they require and are enjoying the experience of a lifetime. However, there are many factors to consider, and the management and workforce may require assistance. This is where technology comes into play, serving its aim of assisting humans in performing their duties more effectively.

So, the decision to adopt hotel housekeeping software these days is a smart move, as the world is changing, and we need to take advantage of everything technology offers. However, the management needs to consider a few things while choosing hotel housekeeping software. We’ve created a list of features that evaluate the software’s quality assurance and ensure that it meets all requirements.

Reporting and Updating: 

When it comes to hospitality, productivity is a key metric. It is also one that indicates the likelihood of severe mishaps. So, while looking for hotel housekeeping software, the first thing to think about is getting all of your reports in one place.

Everything should be a couple of clicks away from your inventory to bills. Aside from that, regardless of the device, the management and housekeeping staff should be able to keep each other up and running on the hotel’s current events. 

Who is on duty, which rooms are off the cleaning list, and who completes which tasks? All this information should be easily accessible in one place where the whole department is present. This will make it easy for everyone to stay informed and avoid bothering one another with reports and updates.

Cross-Departmental Communication: 

When operating under the same brand or company name, all departments are tied to one another and must communicate effectively. It’s vital to prevent any misunderstandings or lack of communication that might compromise the quality of the work.

From the front desk to human resources and the kitchen, all departments must be able to communicate in seconds in the event of an emergency. For example, if a housekeeping staff member has to deliver some food to a room, they should be able to notify the kitchen department as soon as they check what is needed. This will assure prompt service, and the direct connection will eliminate any potential for disturbance.

Guest and Housekeeping Connection:

The housekeeping staff is perhaps the only unit in the hotel that frequently has direct contact with the guests. One of the most significant factors is that both of these parties must be able to communicate well with one another.

The software must communicate via sensor devices installed in the room or hallways, which will signal the housekeeping staff when they are required. They should also be able to access the software via their mobile devices. This will be handy for both visitors and employees, increasing the hotel’s service quality.

Scheduling and Task Assigning: 

Every morning, a hotel manager must consider defining schedule timings for each employee and clarifying their responsibilities. What about a feature that creates a data table to generate a schedule and work assignment for each worker?

This will save the management a lot of time and immediately notify the workers. Make sure the housekeeping software has a to-do list function, which allows each employee to cross off items on the list each day and stay motivated to perform at a high level.

On-the-go Updates: 

The housekeeping team continually moves about, cares for the visitors, and keeps the place nice and clean to maintain an organized environment. They are the ones who need to be kept aware of the latest information on everything work-related 24 hours a day.

That is why another significant component to look for in hotel housekeeping software is the ability to update data and give notifications while on the move. If there is a bit of information that the staff has to be updated on, they must be alerted within seconds, regardless of where they are in the hotel. This will eliminate any ambiguities or delays in communication.

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