The celebrity spouse: Nikolas Ajagu and his ventures

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Nikolas Ajagu got his popularity for being the husband of Meena Harris, niece of current United States VP Kamala Harris. He is currently head of global partnerships with Facebook’s advertising technology business.

Considering Nikolas Ajagu as a game-changer and major contributor to the business world would be a trivialization and he is appraised as a technology master. 

Nikolas Ajagu’s Nationality

Nikolas Ajagu’s unerring date of birth is not known but at present, he is 37 years old. Ajagu’s father Chris Ajagu is a Nigerian doctor from Nimo, Anambra State. He was born and raised in America so has American nationality but belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

Nikolas Ajagu’s Wife

His wife Meena Harris is a renowned lawyer, entrepreneur, and acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of children’s books. She is the founder of the Phenomenal Women Action campaign which came into existence in 2017.

She also made a name for herself while previously serving at Uber as the head of strategy and leadership. Meena Harris worked as an attorney and judicial law clerk before that. From 2006 through 2009, she worked for “Facebook” as a community operations manager where she met Nikolas Ajagu.

Nikolas Ajagu’s career

2007 – He set about serving for “Facebook” in the Greater New York City area as a monetization campaign manager. Afterward, Nikolas Ajagu was appointed to “North American Advertising Operations.

2011-2014 – he was appointed as the president of Media Solutions Americas.

2013 – Ajagu co-founded “Code and Canvas” along with partners, Gi Fernando of “Free: Formers and Techlightenment,” John Yi of “Pinterest,” “Facebook,” and “US Army Special Operations,” and Jeff Miller of “Punch fork and Pinterest,”.

2014 – He joined Facebook as the worldwide head of Advertising Technology Partnerships.

He also co-founded “Barrel & Ink,” a company located in California that patched up wineries and local designers to manufacture limited-edition bottles with captivating labels.

Earlier than that, Ajagu has been dabbling into some other ventures which have significantly contributed towards his career initiation.

2005 – Ajagu inaugurate “Ecosystem Ventures,” a venture investing and consultancy firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.

2005-2007 – Ajagu served as an investment advisor for “Autonet Mobile,” an Internet-based telematics and app service platform provider for autos.

Ajagu also collaborated with “PlaySpan,” a payment company that helps game developers and media publishers monetize digital content.

2008-2010Nikolas Ajagu worked at “Ecosystem Ventures” for three years.

As per his LinkedIn profile, he still works at Facebook, but his wife told Daily Mail in January 2021 that he left the company.

Nikolas Ajagu’s Family

Ajagu and Meena Harris have two daughters Amara and Leela. As per the statement of Meena Harris in news, Ajagu, left his job as the global head of Advertising Technology Partnerships at Facebook to be a full-time father to raise their two daughters.

Corresponding to Harris’s statement, Ajagu did so to free Harris to run her business and write her children’s books. In proceedings to that, Meena Harris published her first children’s book “Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea”.

The book is plotted on her aunt Kamala Harris’s childhood and the enlightenment she gathered from her mother, Maya Harris about activism and community building. On January 19, 2021, Harris released her second book named “Ambitious Girl.” 

It didn’t fail to prove Nikolas Ajagu’s impeccable reasons to shy away from his high-tech job to raise his two princesses and to support his wife’s career, and undoubtedly the most courageous and non-patriarchal thing he has ever done was stand for what he truly believes in: “That gender stereotypes about parenting should end.

It manifests a complete turnaround for Nikolas’s life, who has mounted up and seized up to the summit of the tech corporate ladder in nine years. Nonetheless, Nikolas Ajagu is still a self-made man by the reasons of his faculties. 

History set forth how much Ajagu has achieved, carefully choosing undertakings with worthwhile causes. However, his most remarkable exploits and masterstrokes would be revealed in history as something he did for his little girls. 

Nikolas Ajagu’s received attention at Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Even after all of such feats, Nikolas Ajagu managed to lie low but gained attention at President Joe Biden’s inauguration on 20 January 2021 when he was appeared as pulling off a pair of extremely rare and chic Dior Air Jordan 1s sneakers, valued at more than $2,000

Bobby Kim, who is a founder of a streetwear company, asked Meena Harris on Twitter if Ajagu was wearing the Dior 1s. Harris retorted back saying, “Yes smh.” After the confirmation, Ajagu’s shoes quickly went viral. 

I step away from Twitter for less than an hour for the inauguration ceremony and Nik’s shoes are #1 trending?????,Harris retweeted again after retweeting several shoutouts to her husband.

Nikolas Ajagu’s Net worth

While going over the net worth of Nikolas Ajagu in 2022, it is approximately $4 million

Nikolas Ajagu’s social media life is inexplicit and doesn’t reveal much about our high-tech master. Despite his procurements, he is well-known for being the husband of Meena Harris and Anambra’s son-in-law of Kamala Harris.

His business profile says he is still working in his high-ranking position in a tech company but his wife’s statements contradict that, the truth is obscured. 

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Who is Nikolas Ajagu?

Nikolas Ajagu is an American entrepreneur and is the famed husband of Meena Harris, and works as head of partnership and advertising high-tech company, Facebook New York. 

Who is Nikolas Ajagu’s wife?

Nikolas Ajagu’s wife is Meena Harris, a lawyer and New York Times bestselling author of Children’s books. She is the niece of the current Vice President of the US, Kamala Harris.

How old is Nikolas?

Nikolas Ajagu’s exact date of birth is not known, but as per a few resources he is said to be 38 years old now 

What is Nikolas Ajagu’s nationality?

Nikolas has been born and raised in America, so he has American nationality, but he belongs to Nigerian ethnicity. 

What is Nikolas Ajagu’s career?

Nikolas Ajagu is an American entrepreneur, who currently works as a head of global partnership and advertising technology at Facebook, New York. He is renowned in his career as the founder of “Barrel & Ink” and “Code & Canvas”.

Why did Nikolas Ajagu leave his Facebook career?

Nikolas is a proud father of two daughters, Leela and Amara, who left his career to be a full-time father for his daughters and to raise them well. The other reason for leaving was to support his wife in her career. 

Is Nikolas Ajagu still working at Facebook advertising company?

Nikolas LinkedIn profile says he is still working at a Facebook advertising company but his wife’s statement says otherwise. 

What is Nikolas Ajagu’s net worth?

Her current net worth is approximately $4 million. 

Why did Nikolas go viral on Joe Biden’s inauguration?

Nikolas Ajagu went viral on Twitter at Joe Biden’s inauguration for wearing a limited-addition and chic pair of sneakers “Dior Air Jordan 1s”. 

What is Ajagu’s relationship with Kamala Harris?

Nikolas is Anambra son in law of Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris’s niece Meena Harris is Ajagu’s wife. 

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