No AC in Car? Here’s How to Survive Without It

by whatsmind

AC in Car, it can get so hot in cars that you can actually cook an egg above the dashboard.

Of course, when that happens, you can usually open all the doors and windows for a bit. After that, you can flip on the AC, and you’re set.

What happens if the AC in the car is broken? Well, that’s an entirely different, and much more complicated, situation. Driving without an air conditioner is pretty unbearable.

It’s a good idea to learn how to cool down your car if your AC is broken. Keep reading if you want to avoid no AC in car situations, and how to deal with them!

Wet Your Hair

While it might sound silly, wetting your hair before heading out can really help. While it might be hot outside, the wind blowing through your wet hair will really cool you down. If you notice that it dries too quickly, it doesn’t hurt to take a few bottles of water with you on your drive. You can pull over every once in a while to wet your hair again!

Try a Vent Fan

While the AC in the car is broken, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have an available electrical current. Look around for a shop that sells vent fans for cars that you can plug into a car socket. On its own, it might not do too much. But it’s a lot better than nothing!

Tint Your Windows

An often overlooked method for how to make your car cooler involves tinting your windows. Tinted windows do more than just provide a bit more privacy for the driver and passengers. Auto window tinting is also an affordable way to keep out a lot of those hot UV rays from getting into the car.

These work best for when you can’t park in the shade. Combine this with a reflective dashboard cover and you’ll notice an immediate reduction in the average temperature in your car.

Ice Packs

Taking a small cooler with frozen ice packs is another option. Some are versatile and can sit on the back of your neck while you drive. You can also apply them to your forehead while you wait for a traffic light to turn green. This is a bit more of a hands-on alternative, but it’s quite effective.

Stay Cool When Your AC in Car is Broken

While there’s no miracle for no AC in the car, there are a few techniques you can use to stay cool. And, as you might have noticed, most involve your person, rather than the car itself. Tinted windows and a reflective dashboard cover are great for protecting your car from weather changes, as well as keeping the car’s temperature down while it’s parked. Using a vent fan, wetting your hair, and keeping some ice packs handy is also key to handling those hot drives.

Hopefully, these tips were able to provide some swift answers to handling a situation where the AC in the car is broken. If it did, consider checking out other posts on the site for the more useful information!

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