Custom Morale Patches: Design Ideas for Inspiration

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Custom Morale Patches, Throughout military history, morale patches have come down as a symbol of pride. But over time, the use of morale patches surpassed the military parameters.

American civilian and other government groups now adopted this tradition for better representation.

Also, the range of purposes is now broader than the original. Some patches feature medical information, such as allergies, blood type, and prior ailments. Others include inspiring quotations, patches with significant or amusing symbols, and more.

Are you looking for tips in designing the best custom morale patches? You’ve come into the right place. This guide will discuss the top custom patch design ideas and considerations for you.

Simplicity Is Key

The simple design of custom patches with minor elements will look sleeker and bolder. Many details may look unorganized, confuse people, and not define the symbol. A straightforward design will be clear and make the embroidering process easier.

You can’t do anything about the intricate details and elements of a logo. In such cases, offers excellent help. They can help you with the design while representing your brand well.

Go Large

The larger the patch, the more detailed design it will be. Bigger means more room for the elements included in your desired custom patch design. Choosing a larger size is ideal for logos with a lot of details.

Going large is advisable for casual use, but consider how you use it when choosing the size. For instance, military uniforms have limited space for patches, so it’s often smaller.

Emphasize Major Elements

The prominent design element will make the statement for your patch. Emphasize the text or the main symbol by making its embroidery bolder.

Dealing with texts is a common issue during the embroidering process. Small words often come out hard to decipher or illegible at all. Thus, make it more significant to be eye-catching and easy to understand.

Choose the Right Color

One of the most critical patch design ideas is considering the choice of color. The color will be the first thing to strike one’s attention when you wear your patches.

Make your patch stand out through contrasting colors. It will help people perceive and understand the patch design and statement.

Remember that the level of contrast varies. Awaken your creativity and choose what works best for your design. But don’t overdo it because it will make the patch look a little tacky.

That said, you must consider complementary colors too. The border, for instance, can look great if the color used complements the background hue. Mix and match, assess, and ask your members which combinations look the most suitable.

Explore Custom Morale Patches Now

Custom morale patches carry certain symbols with them. Designing it may seem like a technical process, but it should be easy with the tips above.

We hope you got valuable ideas about custom patch designs to represent you.

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