Stock Price Prediction Using Machine Learning

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The stock market is fruiting in India day by day, but we cannot deny that investing in stocks is very nonlinear, dynamic, and quite volatile, so we do need an expert or a guide to help us invest in better stocks or the stock market.

This can be possible if we seek some guidance from a person who is experienced in this market or the better way can be taking tips and tricks from machines or artificial intelligence. These technologies can help us to invest by presenting us the statistics, growth of the stocks, and various other factors to invest in that particular stock.

LSTM Stock Prediction

Long short term memory (LSTM) is a recurrent neural network memory enhancement model. Short-term memory is stored in recurrent neural networks because it allows previously determined information to be used in current neural networks.

The earlier date is used for immediate tasks even if we don’t have a complete list of the neural node’s previous data. The usage of LSTMs in RNNs is fairly common. Their efficacy should be used to various sequence modeling challenges in various application areas, including video, NLP, GIS, and time-series analysis. Getting a proper introduction to artificial intelligence can help you explore more about the subject.

Steps For Predicting In Stocks Using LSTM

1)Import the dataset

2)Read the dataset

3) Analyze the closing prices from the data frame  

4)Sort the dataset based on date time, filter “Date” and “Close” columns 

5) Normalize the new filtered dataset

6) Build and train the LSTM model

7)Take a sample dataset to make stock price predictions using the LSTM model 

8)Save the LSTM model 

9)Visualize the predicted stock costs with actual stock costs

Data Science And Machine Learning In Predicting Stocks 

The stock market community has been attracted by the idea of a model that can forecast the future move of the market since the emergence of Data Science and its mainstreaming in many industries. The existence of such a device is as fascinating as, if not more so, the time machine. Both technologies, after all, deal with time and are extraordinarily difficult to understand.

Before diving into all the complexities of machine learning approaches that anticipate stock prices, let us first understand how stock market prediction can happen. Machine Learning requires the user to give a target variable whose values or labels must be anticipated and independent variables (X variables) that can predict the target variable’s values. Machine learning is distinct from conventional predictive models.

It employs optimization algorithms, cross-validation procedures, complex mathematical algorithms, and other advanced computing techniques to arrive at the final result, which is highly accurate (but low in interpretability).


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