4 Reasons to Use a Padded Football Girdle

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NFL ratings rose seventeen percent last year. That means that playing football is becoming more popular than ever!

But, why is it important to wear a padded football girdle while you play? And how do you choose a football girdle that’s right for your body? Read on to find out why you should be using a padded football girdle.

1. Protect Your Body

Wearing football girdles add extra protection to your body while you play football. They help pad your tailbone, your thighs, and your hips.

Your football girdle can also help keep your other padding properly in place, which helps to keep you safe when you get tackled or fall on the field. American football is a rough sport, so the more safety measures you have in place, the better.

2. Add More Compression

Football girdles also help with compression as you play football. This can help to improve your performance. Depending on your position, this might be particularly important. You don’t want your body to be rubbing together when you’re trying to run as fast as possible, after all.

3. Stay Comfortable

You may think of girdles as bulky and uncomfortable. But, that’s not true of modern-day football girdles. Innovations in technology mean that football girdles are much more lightweight than they used to be. So, you’ll be able to stay comfortable as you play football.

4. Lots of Options

There are many different options when it comes to shopping for football girdles. Of course, they come in a wide variety of different prices, so that you can find an option that suits your budget. There are also versions with different types of padding.

You’ll want to look for girdles that have the protection you need to stay safe while you play football. Some girdles have removable pads, while some of them have built-in pads. Either can be a good choice, it all depends on your personal preference.

When you’re buying a girdle, you’ll want to make sure it fits you properly. Ensure that it’s nice and snug, but not so tight that it’s cutting off your circulation. 

And, padded football girdles come in different materials. You may want to try out a couple of different varieties of football girdles. This will allow you to figure out what fabrics feel most comfortable to you and that allow you to be the best football player that you can be.

Plus, football girdles come in different colors. You can coordinate with the rest of your football protective equipment, or choose a fun new color based on your preferences.

Buy a Padded Football Girdle Today

Wearing a padded football girdle can help you in a lot of ways. So, start shopping for football girdles that fit you properly today.

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