Duties and Responsibilities of Richmond Hill real Estate Agent

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Real estate agents are professionals hired by real estate brokers to work under them. They are licensed professionals who are typically trained to guide you throughout the process of buying and selling property. Richmond Hill Real Estate Agent shall advise you in every purchase phase, from hunting out properties to winding up the deal.

The agent’s duties vary based on whether they are working with the buyer or the Seller. In case they work with the buyers, they will look for suitable properties that suit the criteria of the client, they will assist them to the property to have a look physically. They will even finalize the deal and close it efficiently. And in case they are working for Seller, he will look for customers and help them settle for a good deal.

When working with Seller

When a real estate agent works with a seller, they are referred to as the listing agent or the Seller’s agent. A seller usually contacts a Richmond Hill real Estate Agent whenever they want to put their property up for sale. The agent would provide their market knowledge to price the property appropriately. He will then list it to look for potential buyers of the property.

  • He will identify the assets that he can put as the top-selling point of the property. Then he will prepare a market research analysis to fix the price.
  • He will get good photographs of the property inside out and stage it to make it look appealing to the buyer.
  • He will advertise the property to bring it to the notice of the buyers. He will also arrange for open houses of the property and supervise them personally. 
  • He will prepare the necessary contracts, offers, and closing statements. He will further negotiate with the appraisers, home inspectors, and lenders.

When working with Buyers

When the real estate agent works for the buyers, they are called the selling agent or the buyer’s agent. When looking to buy a property, you must contact a Richmond Hill real Estate Agent first. An agent has a thorough knowledge of the market, and he can help you choose the property that best suits your needs. 

  • He will look for potential buyers and even organize open house events. He will act as the coordinator between you and the prospective sellers. 
  • He will communicate with both the buyers and the sellers, understand both the parties’ criteria, and then schedule the property visits. 
  • He will negotiate on behalf of the buyers and settle for the best possible deal. 
  • He will review and draft documents and guide the buyers till the deal closing process.

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Benefits of Hiring an Agent

Richmond Hill Real Estate Agent can be relied on when buying and selling your property. He is a licensed and professionally trained person who makes sure that the need and the criteria of the buyers and sellers meet each other and they settle for the best possible deal.

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