A Dosage Guide on How Much Kratom to Take

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How Much Kratom to Take? Kratom is a natural herb that may have some health benefitting properties for many users. 

A recent medical study found that 91% of kratom users are taking it to provide relief from back, shoulder, and knee pain.

Before you buy this supplement, read on to learn more about how much kratom to take, so you can find the right dose for your needs.

Kratom for Pain Relief

One of the benefits of kratom is that it can help with pain reduction. The right kratom strains for pain are the green and red-veined variety which offers relief without drowsiness.

When you take these strains, the kratom may relieve muscle tension and combat fatigue. Kratom is known to help with back pain, headaches, arthritis, and abdominal and chest pain.

People with average levels of pain can buy kratom of the red-vein variety at about four grams per dose for effective pain relief. The green strain requires a higher dose of up to eight grams each.

How Much Kratom to Take for Anxiety

Anxiety is a common issue for many, and it can get in the way of daily functioning. If you want to know the proper kratom dosage for anxiety, about four grams should do the job.

If you’re still not feeling more relaxed, you can slowly increase your dose until you find the right level for you. It’s important to make sure that you measure every dose so you get the correct amount.

Taking too much kratom may create unpleasant side effects. Taking too little might not give you the relief you need, so start by measuring four grams per dose and go from there.

Using Kratom to Help With Focus and Energy

If you suffer from brain fog or fatigue, you can use kratom leaves or powder to help improve your focus. When it comes to how much kratom to take, use the same guidelines as the ones listed for pain relief.

It’s best to start with a mild kratom strain when using it for focus and/or energy. Remember, you can always work your way up to a higher dose or try a more potent strain later.

Start with just one to two grams of kratom and see if that helps your focus improve. A smaller dose helps to ensure that you don’t end up feeling a crash later on in the afternoon or the evening. You can go up to four grams per dose once you adjust.

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Try Kratom for Natural Relief

From aches a[nd pains to anxiety and brain fog, knowing how much kratom to take will make a big difference in your results. Use these tips as a guide, so you can be sure you’re taking the amount that’s right for your condition.

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