What Are the Different Types of Martial Arts That Exist Today?

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Aggravated assault cases recently rose by 12% in the United States. This figure is concerning, especially if you have no way of protecting yourself. As Martial Arts is the focal topic. The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to learn about martial art styles.

However, not all martial art types are equal. It means only specific styles could work with you. If you never bothered learning about them before, you might not know which one to master.

Do you want a starting point for your martial arts training? Read on and learn various types of martial arts:


When you think of martial arts, you will most likely come up with Karate. After all, the World Karate Federation has almost 200 member countries. Its popularity is due to its impressive movements, with powerful blocks, kicks, and punches.

Karate’s origin is from early 20th century Japan. Its English translation is “empty-handed.” As such, this martial art involves the best self-defense tactics. 

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is the encompassing term for all Chinese martial art styles. Some of these are ancient, while others are more contemporary. Its popularity stems from its film and television adaptations.

Some famous Kung Fu practitioners include Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li. If you want to learn this style, consider browsing a specific discipline to master. Otherwise, you’ll spend decades learning everything.


Judo is another Japanese martial art style, adopting a more modern approach. You can defend yourself by lifting and throwing your assailants. Its primary principle is to leverage your opponent’s strength against them.

Once your attacker fails on the ground, you can pin them down and apply various techniques. You can control your opponent using joint locks and chokeholds until they submit.

Krav Maga

Israel’s national martial art borrows some styles from other forms. It includes grappling from Jujutsu, punches from boxing, and kicks from Karate. 

Most consider Krav Maga a violent martial art since it has no rules. Your only goal is to defend yourself while attacking your assailant. It’s one of the most effective self-defense martial arts due to its brutality.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The Gracie family modified the original Japanese martial art in 1925. Its primary goal is to gain a superior position over your assailant. You can achieve this through the following:

  • Holds
  • Chokes
  • Joint manipulation
  • Joint locking

Do you want to learn this martial art for family defense? If so, consider taking self defense classes with a certified instructor.

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Learn Other Types of Martial Arts Now

These are the most popular types of martial arts in the world. However, the best martial arts for you might be outside this list. Consider looking for other forms of self-defense to avoid dangerous situations.

Your effectiveness in fending off attackers depends on your training. Look for a reputable instructor through online reviews and recommendations from friends.

Are you looking for more valuable tips and tricks? If so, read our other’s guidance today.

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