3 Sure Signs You Need IPhone Repair

by whatsmind

Did you know that people drop their phones at least 4 times each week in the United States?

When a phone drops, it can be a scary thing because they cost so much to replace and you rely on them.

If you want to be prepared, you should learn some of the red flags that mean your phone is about to die. 

Continue reading to discover the most common signs that you need iPhone repair so that the issues don’t get worse! 

1. Cracks & Scratches

One of the biggest signs that you need an iPhone repair is if something is wrong with the screen.

When your iPhone screen gets cracks and scratches, it makes the rest of the glass screen vulnerable and more prone to shattering. Scratches and cracks can also affect your ability to view items on your screen or to scroll around. 

If there is any raised glass or shattered spots, you should get them repaired. Even if your phone is working with these blemishes, it will eventually be unable to function. It is best to get the issue fixed before it becomes a more expensive problem. 

2. Inability to Update

Do you get the notifications that updates are available for your phone, but they won’t complete the installation? 

Depending on the year that your iPhone came out, you might not be able to get the latest updates. For example, if you have an iPhone 6S, you will find that the iOS 14 update is incompatible. 

You can review ifixomaha.com for details about trying to fix the phone yourself. If those recommendations don’t work, you will likely need them to be professionally repaired. Sometimes a reboot or change in settings can fix your phone but if it is getting old, you will need a replacement if you want new features. 

3. Sudden Shut Downs by IPhone Repair

Have you ever been using your phone with a full charge and it suddenly shuts off?

There are a few reasons that this could be happening to your phone. When applications have bugs or faults, this can result in your phone randomly shutting down. Another issue that creates this problem is water damage. 

Depending on the root cause of your shutdown, you might not be able to get your phone back on until it is plugged in. If the on switch doesn’t work, grab your charger, and let it get back some power. These shutdowns can happen even when you have a fully charged battery. 

Do You Need iPhone Repair?

Sometimes there can be obvious signs that you need iPhone repair, however, the issues aren’t always clear.

Cracks and scratches make it difficult to use the phone and you never know when it will fully quit working if it temporarily is. Knowing when and how to repair your iPhone can save you money and keep a working phone in your hands. 

Don’t wait too long before getting repairs on your phone, as the risk of the problem worsening increases.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about repairing your iPhone and making your technology last! 

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