Guys’ Night: 5 Fun Things to Do for Guys

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There’s nothing like enjoying a bonding experience with the people you love and appreciate. An epic guys’ night out is always in order, whether you’re planning a bachelor party or a fun Thursday. 

Planning one of these nights is cathartic, and can improve your health and quality of life. Men are more likely to internalize stress and less likely to get help for it. 

Boys’ night out can help everyone relieve stress and grow closer as friends. 

You need a list of things to do to make this night a crowd-pleaser. Keep reading to learn more about planning a guys’ night that you’ll never forget. 

1. Take a Trip to the Range

Going to the range is one of the most exciting recreational activities for a group of guys. Shooting guns release dopamine feel-good chemicals in the brain, requires plenty of skill, and fosters competition and camaraderie. 

When you hit the range as part of a guys’ night, there’ll be a few marksmen, some pretty good shots, and probably several newbies. This mix allows for plenty of bonding and communication throughout the night. 

2. Find a Pub Crawl

Look for the best bar and pub scene in your area and plan a pub crawl outing. Book some transportation so that no one has to worry about getting behind the wheel.

There are some fun events and festivals that let you get a wristband to gain entry to multiple pubs throughout the night. 

3. Hit a Professional Sporting Event

Catching a game is tops most guys’ list of fun events. Whether it’s a baseball, basketball, football, or hockey crowd, look into a hotly contested matchup on the schedule. 

Search for sports tickets online so that you can find an amazing deal. Your group will get the chance to see players they may have watched their whole lives in person. 

4. Make it a Poker Night

Poker is one of the ultimate hangout activities. Consider hosting a poker night so that you can mix games with plenty of alcohol, cigars, and friendly, attractive servers.

The allure of the casino doesn’t have to be limited to Vegas. There are several companies that can cater and run your casino night. They’ll deliver the full experience and make your guests feel like kings.

Poker night is still a winning bet if you don’t want to spend a ton of money. Bottles and brews in the man cave with a deck of cards can be every bit as rewarding. 

5. Take a Whiskey or Brewery Tour

If you want to wet your whistle and expand your palate, it doesn’t get much better than whiskey and beer. These beverages are made with a mixture of art and science, so get it straight from the source by booking a tour. 

If your crowd is more into whiskey, look for a distillery that can teach you how the alcohol is aged, and about all of the different flavor blends included. 

A trip to a brewery can be equally rewarding if it’s a beer crowd. Maybe you’re looking for the holy grail of India Pale Ale (IPA) options, or want to try a nice porter or stout during the cold weather seasons. 

Book a tour and make sure you’re prepared to taste the best beverages available and leave with some souvenirs. 

Plan a Guys’ Night for the Ages

Guys’ night can be a night of bonding, blowing off steam, and creating amazing memories. These tips will be helpful no matter your reason for getting the fellas together. 

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