5 of the Best Jobs for Science Majors

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Do you want a career full of discoveries where you make a difference in society? Then you would do well to pursue a science degree.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) are the most useful degrees you can get to open the door to high-paying science jobs. Even better, you have an opportunity to discover useful information that can benefit society as a whole.

If you’re a lover of science who wants to make great money in a useful and lucrative career, read on. Here are five of the best science careers that are available to science majors.

1. Atmospheric Scientist

Atmospheric scientists study changes in the atmosphere related to temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind speed to determine shifts in weather. Along with being helpful in forecasting weather changes, atmospheric science is extremely useful in studying the effects of climate change. Meteorologists, weather forecasters, atmospheric chemists, and climatologists are all types of atmospheric scientists.

This profession typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science or Meteorology.

2. Geoscientist

Geoscientists study the earth’s materials and their composition and processes to predict future events on the earth. People in this profession use various tools (such as lab tests and ground digging) to study rock formation, predict earthquakes, and locate sources of petroleum for digging. Geologists, oceanographers, and paleontologists all work in the field of geoscience.

A Bachelor’s degree in Geosciences or Geology will typically get you a job in this field.

3. Materials Scientist

Materials scientists study the structures and properties of a material such as glass, metal, ceramics, etc., for the sake of improving them. Using computers and lab equipment, they seek ways to strengthen the material itself or combine it with another material for practical use.

To enter this field, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, or Engineering. 

4. Chemist

Chemists operate similarly to materials scientists. They study the properties and makeup of atoms and molecules to improve upon them or use them to make new substances. Chemists can work anywhere from labs to pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

A Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry is necessary to become a Chemist.

5. Physicist

Physicists study matter, space, and time. They seek to study matters such as our cosmic origins and how matter and energy interact. Physicists can be useful in developing new communication methods and developing new technology.

Positions in research and academia for physicists will require a Ph.D. However, a Bachelor’s degree can get you an entry-level position of some sort.

Those are some of the many science career paths one can take as a science major. If you’re a science major who wants to put your education to work, visit Roivant Sciences to find a fitting position for your skills and education.

Five Of The Best Jobs For Science Majors

Those are five of the best career paths science majors can take. If you are a science major in these specializations, the doors are wide open for you. Start your career as a scientist today.

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