The History of College Class Rings

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Each and every year, one graduation class steps forth to replace the previous one. This is a longstanding tradition and a rite of passage that you should recognize and acknowledge in a meaningful way. 

Purchasing a class ring your junior year is one of the best ways you can commemorate this moment in your life.

But what should you know about purchasing class rings? We’re happy to help. 

Here are some points of information that you should know about college class rings. 

College Class Rings Started as a West Point Tradition

So where did college rings come from?

The issuance of class rings started in 1835 on the campus of United States Military Academy West Point. This tradition not only continued at West Point, but quickly spread to colleges, universities, and high schools all over the country. 

College Rings Used to Always Be Gold

When class rings first came out, they were always fabricated from solid gold. As time went on, students now buy rings made from silver alloys, platinum, and other metals. 

The main reason that class ring care is so important is that they’re made from these sorts of quality metals. 

A student that purchases a solid box and a ring kit will prevent corrosion and other forms of damage. 

The Ring Dance Added to the History of University Class Rings

While college rings have always been an amazing keepsake, it’s the deepening of the history that has made these rings a bonafide tradition. The Ring Dance is a tradition for many high schools and colleges today. 

It’s the dance for juniors where they get their class rings. 

The first Ring Dance was held in 1934 for juniors on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. What started as a tradition for Virginia Tech junior cadets has become a mainstay on campuses everywhere. 

History Brought About Longstanding Customs

There are also several customs you should understand when purchasing a college ring. 

People often get their birthstone as the ring centerpiece. They also include stamps and prints that commemorate different aspects of their time at the school. 

For instance, students might have insignias for belonging to the football team, band, Spanish club, or holding class office. 

Another custom to consider involves the positioning of the ring. Per tradition, you wear the ring with the insignia facing you when you first get it. Only upon graduating are you supposed to flip the ring and wear it so that the insignia faces outward. 

There are also several class ring styles you can shop for that have traditions of their own. Some class ring styles you might choose include varsity style, circulate, military style, and several others. 

Shop for Some Amazing University Rings

College class rings have a rich history, as you can see. These graduation rings are keepsakes that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

With the points above, you’ll be prepared when it comes time to purchase a class ring. 

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