The Ultimate Guide to Tennis for Beginners

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As Tennis for Beginners is the main topic. Are you thinking that now is the perfect time to take up tennis? If so, welcome to the club! the popularity of outdoor sports activities has absolutely skyrocketed across the US over the past year, as more and more of us learn to appreciate the great outdoors and the additional time many of us now have on our hands.

One of the most popular sports for first-timers right now is tennis. Tennis is simple, fun, social, and has a very low barrier to entry. That’s why tennis for beginners is much less daunting than starting many other sports. If you’re new to tennis, we’re here to help. Read our ultimate guide to playing tennis as a beginner to get your game off to the best possible start. 

1. The Equipment is Key

First off, you’ll need to right tennis gear to get started. Fortunately, tennis gear is largely affordable and you don’t need a lot of different items. Remember, the essential tennis equipment that you need to get started consists of: 

  • Tennis racquet 
  • Tennis balls
  • Tennis bag 
  • Tennis clothes
  • Tennis shoes 

Once you have these, you’re good to go. Remember, you do not need to purchase the latest, high-athletic tennis racquet. As a beginner, any basic racquet will do the job just fine. 

2. Tennis for Beginners: The Serve

To begin a game of tennis, you’ll need to know how to serve. Any piece of tennis advice will usually start by telling you how to perfect your serve. Fortunately, this is not rocket science. As this guide to the perfect tennis serve explains, your stance and your grip are essential. Once you have these nailed down, all you need to do is perfect your toss and hit the ball at the right point. The rest will come naturally. 

3. Learn Your Strokes

The serve is not the only stroke you need to master. You’ll also need to get the grips with your forehand and backhand, as these are the moves you will need to make throughout the game. Take some time to practice the technique alone, ideally in a tennis cage with a ball machine if possible. Just one session alone is usually enough for anyone to get to grips with the basics of a stroke. Remember: the amount of force you use is key – don’t use too much! 

4. Choose the Right Tennis Partner

You can’t play tennis alone. You need a partner who can help you on your learning journey and who will keep the game light and fun. Ideally, you should choose a tennis partner who is at the same level of play as you. This will allow you to learn together and ensure that both of you are able to have some fun with it. Ask if your spouse, co-worker, or bestie is available for some tennis, and try to choose someone who will regularly show up to your scheduled matches. 

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Your Sports Questions, Answered 

With this tennis for beginners tips, you can start hitting like a pro in no time. For more essential tips on tennis strategy, as well as insider guides to all sports techniques, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our expertly-curated Sports guides to learn more. 

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