7 Benefits of Homeschooling Every Parent Should Know

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Homeschooling is on the rise, with even more families choosing to homeschool now after the pandemic.

But even if homeschooling is growing in popularity, it’s still not the norm. Not only that, but negative stereotypes and misunderstandings about homeschooling may prevent some from ever considering it.

Beyond the misconceptions, homeschooling can be a great option for a child’s education. And in many cases it offers more benefits than traditional schooling.

Read on for seven benefits of homeschooling you may have never thought of, and learn why it might be the right choice for your family.

1. Personalization

In conventional schools, many students struggle to keep up and fit in. They may deal with a condition like ADHD that affects their learning style, or they may be gifted and need extra material to keep them engaged.

If you choose to homeschool your child, you can personalize the curriculum and learning methods so that they fit your child specifically.

And when deciding how to homeschool, you have a variety of options. You can include religious themes if that’s important to your family, or you can add in extra “field trips” to allow your child to have hands-on learning experiences.

There isn’t one correct way to homeschool, and that’s what makes it so beneficial for many families who prefer to customize their education.

2. Rich Social Opportunities

One reason why many choose homeschooling is because of bullying and social issues at school.

But even if you’re concerned about school bullies, you may worry that homeschooling your child will completely erase their social life.

With a little extra planning, a homeschooled child may actually experience more meaningful social interactions than their peers who attend a regular school. They can play with children in their local neighborhood, attend after-school activities with other kids, and if they attend an online school they can meet classmates virtually.

Instead of being limited to the children at their school or in their class, children who are homeschooled may actually fare better with a variety of friendships and connections.

3. Higher Academic Achievement

Research shows that homeschooled students perform better than non-homeschooled children, and their standardized test scores tend to be above average.

That shows that homeschooling really works, and it’s a lot more than extra time watching TV or playing video games at home. With engaging lessons and help from Mom or Dad, students who are homeschooled can reach high levels of academic achievement.

If you’re concerned about your child’s learning or their ability to get into a good college in the future, considering homeschooling is a smart choice.

4. Scheduling Flexibility

Traditional school hours can be tough on the whole family. Children are expected to wake up and arrive to school early, and parents are expected to help them get ready and out the door on time.

And if your child misses the bus, you must drive them to school, risking being late for your own work or other responsibilities.

The rigid schedule of regular schools can be difficult to work around, and many students struggle with early-morning learning anyway. But homeschooling allows an alternative, where you have full flexibility with when to start and finish your day, when to take breaks, and more.

5. Career Success

You already know homeschooled kids thrive academically. It should be no surprise, then, that they thrive professionally as adults too.

Children who are homeschooled have more opportunities to follow their passions and interests, which can be invaluable once they grow up. They can choose a career that suits them and the unique skills they’ve developed since childhood.

View here for more on how homeschooling can affect career options in adulthood.

6. Healthy Lifestyles

In regular schools, students are usually forced to sit at a desk for several hours each day. Aside from a short amount of time in a physical education class, schooldays do little to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Homeschooling makes it easier to prioritize physical activity and a healthy diet.

And for some families, health and medical conditions may be a practical reason to consider homeschooling. If your child has trouble navigating traditional school due to a disability or health condition, learning from home can keep them safe and comfortable, helping them better meet their personal needs.

7. More Family Time

If quality time is important to your family, homeschooling is a great choice. 

Because you have flexibility with how to schedule classes, you can build in time for family. Daily walks or a shared lunch break can be a common part of life. And if you have more than one child, they can take part in schooling together, forming a bond that they may not have been able to if placed in different classes or grades at school.

Another family benefit is the ability to take vacations whenever you want. Your family can choose to take a trip during an off-season, saving time and beating the crowds.

With homeschooling, family time can be easily incorporated into your and your child’s lives.

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Weighing the Benefits of Homeschooling

The benefits of homeschooling are obvious, from academic success to health considerations. Depending on your family’s needs, homeschooling may be the perfect option.

Weigh these benefits, and decide which points are most important to you and your child. Remember, even if homeschooling isn’t the norm, what’s normal may not always be best for your son or daughter.

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