What are the major benefits of pursuing an MBA in Amsterdam?

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There are lots of factors that make Amsterdam a famous city—idyllic canals, old-fashioned townhouses, and thousands of bicycles dotting the city. However, the capital of the Netherlands has a lot more to offer in terms of a good standard of living and a booming economy.

A recent World Bank report suggests that employment in Amsterdam was at an all-time high of 77% in 2018. Stabilized governments and a bustling Dutch economy are also attracting a lot of international businesses to set up a base in this cultural city. Therefore, Amsterdam can be an attractive work location for many MBA aspirants.

If you are interested in pursuing an MBA in Amsterdam and want to know what it can give you, this is the blog for you. Let’s do a deep dive into some of the biggest advantages of pursuing an MBA in this city.

What are the top advantages of considering an MBA in Amsterdam?

Here are the top ways you stand to gain if and when you decide to study for an MBA in Amsterdam.

  1. Business schools here maintain high education standards: Unknown to many, business schools in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands are well-known for maintaining high educational standards. The MBA programs in the city are usually accredited by the NAVO and international bodies like the AMBA and EQUIS. Thus, an MBA from an Amsterdam university would be recognized throughout the world and will boost your prospects of an international business career.
  2. Unilever, Akzo and Philips. Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, is quite close to Amsterdam which adds to the commercial activities in the city. Thus, you can be assured of excellent career prospects across different business fields after you complete your MBA in the city.
  3. You can experience a multi-cultural environment: The Netherlands is also famed to be a diverse nation where multiple cultures and perspectives co-exist peacefully. Amsterdam is the capital of the nation, which mirrors the cosmopolitan nature of the country. Thus, being an international student in the city allows you to meet and interact with people from diverse ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds.
  4. It can give you a chance to explore the rest of Europe: Basing your education in Amsterdam can also give you an excellent chance to visit other scenic locations in Europe. The city is well-connected with other major European cities like Geneva, Paris, Berlin, and Belgium through trains and flights. The travel costs are also cheaper, which makes it easier to travel to other locations on a student budget.

Studying for an MBA abroad in the Netherlands can provide you with valuable life skills and an enriching academic experience. An MBA from a good Dutch university can also help you expand your professional network and boost your career prospects.

Start your search for appropriate MBA courses from reputed universities in Amsterdam today to begin a successful business management career.

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